Cleaning Hints & Tips


Fabric Softener Sheet to Remove Crayon

Who knew a fabric softener sheet can be used to clean crayon marks off the wall? Rub the area lightly with a clean, dry fabric softener sheet and watch the crayon marks disappear.   ...
Cola as a Blood Stain Remover

Cola as a Blood Stain Remover

Who knew cola can be used to remove blood stains? Now, I’ve heard of using cola to clean pennies, but stains? Grab a bottle of cola and pour cola into a bucket or container large enough to hold the bloo...
Chewing gum stuck on a white shoe.

3 Quick Tips for Removing Chewing Gum

Have you ever found yourself in a sticky situation with chewing gum? First, try to remove as much of the gum as possible; as soon as possible. Then, try one of the following methods:   1. P...