CURLY HAIRCurly hair is an absolute eye-catcher. With large curls you will certainly not go unnoticed. But you have to do something for it―curly hair requires a lot of attention. If you have naturally curly hair then there is really only one rule: do not use paint and ontkrul. They make hair dry and frizzy. Curly hair is really nice when it is healthy and shiny. That is easier said than done.

Curly hair wash

Curly hair is often quite fragile. Therefore it is prudent to choose a shampoo that is enriched with oils and suitable for frequent use. Contrary to popular belief, curly hair has more needs than, say, straight hair. You should shampoo regularly, and dilute the shampoo with water before applying.

Curly hair drying

Don’t dry curly hair with a hair dryer. The hot air “burns” the few fats that the hair naturally has and makes it frizzy. Once the hair is towel dried, gently knead in some wax balm.

Try a different color with curly hair?

We have already said that frequent coloring is not a good idea. But we understand that you will occasionally want to change your look. Keep the following rules of thumb in mind. Avoid permanent color as this gives the hair more volume. It’s better to pick temporary color (lasting up to six weeks). Avoid bright colors because they accentuate fluffy or frizzy hair. Actually, you can better choose highlights that provide a lighter effect and save your hair from overall chemical treatment.

Choose a suitable curly hair model

Talk to your stylist about a new style while your hair is still dry. Once it is wet, the stylist can’t see your hair’s true qualities, and cannot advise you properly. A simple style is always best. When we think of curly hair we think of Julia Roberts. She wears her long, curly hair close to both sides of her face.

Choose a curly hair style that suits your face

An angular face/strong accentuated cheekbones

An angular face or greatly accentuated cheekbones can sometimes be a little harsh. Therefore, choose a style that softens your face. Try something playful that lets your hair fall loosely. Wear the hair around your face a little shorter so it frames it beautifully. If you want, you can even cut it to fall on your forehead. Don’t go too short; instead, choose at least a medium length style for an ultra-feminine look.

A narrow face

The closer your hair is framed to your face, the narrower your face will look. Layer the hair around your face in order to leave it completely free.

A high forehead

If you have a high forehead, then it is best to choose a side part and a long section that partially covers your forehead.

A round face

With the combination of a round face and voluminous curls, the proportions between your head and your body are upset. A nice style in this situation is a neat chignon, but form it loosely.



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