The-Girls-Guide-on-How-to-Prevent-Hair loss


tips for healthy hair care

Ten Tips to keep your hair healthy and prevent hair loss as much as possible:

  1. Previously it was said that you should not wash your hair too much, but the experts are changing their minds. Now they say to wash your hair regularly. It’s good advice. Keep your hair and scalp clean and healthy. A healthy environment promotes healthy hair growth. Massage your scalp with your fingertips (but not your nails) and always use a mild shampoo that is suitable for everyday use.
  2. Keep dandruff and excessive sebum production of the scalp under control. There may be no direct link with hair loss, but again there is no risk involved in keeping your scalp healthy and clean. Maintain a proper, balanced diet, and wash your hair with mild and specific products. Ask your hairdresser, doctor or dermatologist about what products to use to treat dandruff or excessive sebum in your case.
  1. Do you want your hair to look beautiful, healthy and well cared for? Then regular hair trims are a must. Split ends give your hair a dry and barren appearance.
  2. Developments in the field of hair dyes and colors do not stand still, and the products are becoming more sophisticated and user-friendly. Let yourself be informed by a professional hairdresser. However, avoid treatments that lighten your hair or make it much lighter because they are harmful for your hair in the long run.
  3. Avoid stress! This advice really applies to everything, everywhere. Stress can also exacerbate hair loss and as every circumstance outside the hair loss worsens, it accelerates the balding process. So be careful with stress!
  4. Do not follow strict diets. This is another rule that is generally true, but it must be. If you love your hair, respect and nourish it.
  5. Experts say that exposure to sun can eventually contribute to that hair loss process we just do not want. Protect your hair well against the sun, not only in summer but also in winter (on skis for example).
  6. Do not smoke! This warning needs no explanation.
  7. If you feel that you suffer from excessive skin failure (hair loss that cannot be considered normal), do not hesitate to contact your dermatologist.
  8. Adjust your hair style to your hair type. Do not seek a voluminous hair style or extra-long locks if you don’t have time to style it. What matters is that you look shiny, healthy looking hair. Is your hair thinning? Discuss it with your stylist; ask what hair style best suits your hair needs. Usually, for both women and men the answer is a shorter haircut.

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