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Just like our skin undergoes the “aging” process, so does our hair and scalp. As the years go by hair is affected by structural changes that affect the growth and the quality of the hair itself. This normal aging process can be accelerated by adverse external influences like the sun, chemical treatments and aggressive styling methods. The result is lifeless hair that breaks easily and loses its luster.

Below are 10 tips for beautiful hair and healthy hair.

Handle your hair as gently as possible

We often ask quite a lot of our hair (maybe because it does not hurt when we cut or style it?). We expos it to weather and water, we comb and brush it with powerful strokes, we color it and style it with hairdryers and styling rods. All these actions can harm to the hair, which will eventually lose quality.

We are all familiar with the harmful effects of the sun on the skin, but the sun can also do a lot of damage to our hair.  Protect your hair from the sun with a hat or use a hair product with a UV filter.Protect your hair from the sun

Use good quality hair products

Choose a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type and that actually does something to your hair. Never skimp on the use of a conditioner. A conditioner nourishes hair and protects it from heat and sun. It also makes the hair easy to comb, which prevents friction and more damage.

Regularly use a hair mask

A hair mask nourishes hair. The difference between a hair mask and conditioner is that a hair mask is much more intensive. A hair mask takes longer because it takes longer to work. But time is no longer an excuse nowadays. Now there are even night masks that are applied on dry hair are rinsed off the next morning.. Choose a mask with nourishing oils or proteins.

Be careful with wet hair

Wet hair breaks off easily. So do not just take a comb or brush to it. Wrap it in a towel (this may tangle) after washing, and dry without vigorous rubbing. Then finger comb through the hair to remove any tangles. It is best to wait until the hair is dry before combing or brushing.

Heat sources are bad

It is best to dry your hair. Heat from the hair dryer or other styling methods can do permanent damage to hair. If you use a heat source to dry your hair, also use a product that protects hair from heat and put the hair dryer or styling tongs at the lowest possible temperature setting as possible.

Brush and comb your hair with softness

We sometimes have the habit of combing or brushing our hair too hard or fast. The friction between hair and comb/brush, however, can cause damage (the heat that’s generated can cause breakage). Use a comb with coarse teeth and choose a brush with rounded ends that cause the least possible friction. If a brush on the palm of your hand doesn’t feel good, then it’s definitely not good for your hair. Furthermore, it applies that the healthier your hair is, the easier the comb and brush glide through it. Care and protection from outside influences remain the foundation for healthy hair.

Do not pull your hair

If your hair is straight but you want beautiful curls, if you forcefully tackle your hair with product and curling iron, you’ll get your curls, but your hair may not be happy. Over the long haul, hair can break down (and then there is very little to style). Extensions can also harm your hair, despite assurances that it won’t. Do not mistreat your hair; treat it gently.

Scalp care

It goes without saying that a healthy scalp makes for a beautiful, healthy head of hair. Treat your scalp gently. Massage your scalp with your fingertips (not your nails) while shampooing. Is your scalp dry, scaly or itchy? Make an appointment with the family doctor or a dermatologist to get to the bottom of the problem. Don’t just for an anti-dandruff shampoo.

It’s never too late to get beautiful hair

If your hair breaks your hair off or you see that it is stiff and fluffy, then it’s time to take the situation in hand. Start with a haircut where you can see the damaged tips. Cut as much as possible to remove damaged ends. Be honest with yourself about why your hair is damaged (usually you know the cause of it: too many chemical treatments, aggressive styling, no conditioner, too much sun or salt water) and try to avoid these causes as much as possible so that your hair becomes healthy and grows beautiful again.

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