Summer (sun, sea and salt) can be a real drain on all hair types. Of course, it’s nice to let go and take care of your body and your putting average. It’s just on the backburner but sometimes, especially when it comes to your hair, you face that chore. Make sure you get through this summer with beautiful summer hair. It would be a shame to throw these tips to the wind!

Tip 1. Avoid aggressive treatments before you go on holiday. And if you’re planning to stay at home but like to go out in the sun, think about dyeing and perming after your fun in the sun.

Tip 2. If you simply cannot do without paint, then ask your stylist to use a mild product There are also colorations with a protective layer for your hair type. Discuss with the colorist what’s best for your hair and indicate clearly that you go out in the sun.

Tip 3. Invest this summer in the quality of your shampoo and balm. We cannot say it enough: buy the best products you can find in the salon.

Tip 4. Always protect your hair when you go in the sun. Use a protective product with a UV filter. Nowadays there are also shampoos and masks with UV filters that will protect hair in daily life.

Tip 5. Rinse your hair well after a swim in the sea or in the pool and then protect it immediately with a product containing a UV filter.

Tip 6. Even if you use protective products, it is advisable to always wear a hat or scarf to have to protect your hair against the sun during the hottest hours of the day.

Tip 7. Summer is a good season to tackle split ends. Get your hair cut shorter than usual to remove the dead ends. Your hair grows so quickly, and in the summer a shorter cut is really so delicious (and convenient).

Tip 8. Be sure to treat your hair at least once a week with a nourishing and restorative mask.

Tip 9. Give your hair a holiday at home and let the warm summer air (but not in the sun) dry it naturally.

Tip 10. Once back from vacation, give your hair a good inspection for the health of the hair and scalp. Make an appointment with your stylist (or a hair specialist) Based on the results of that meeting, you can discuss further treatment for your hair.

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