10 Weight loss tips

Okay, this is it. The year has ended and as always at this time we take stock of the past year. We do a little research and consult how we have acted and felt the entire past year. Oftentimes, for most of us we sigh and remember how we gained a few pounds and feel sluggish and lethargic compared to last year at this time. Do you hear yourself saying “From now on I am going to eat healthfully and exercise more”? So do we. A new year means new promises made to ourselves, and we should try not to break promises to anybody, least of all ourselves.

We all want a nice body, but most of us have to work at it, and new years’ resolutions are extremely popular for this. We have good intentions, surely, and we promise no more cake or ice cream, no more chips or cookies. We end up dieting and exercising for a few weeks, then something happens and we just stop. We fall off the wagon and never get back on.

And a new body. The good intentions are surely. From now on, no bake ice of a pound more, less fat, not smoking, and three times a week to the gym. You take yourself holy. This year will also work on a tight body. And yet we all know that nothing will lash out. We can change this vicious cycle, though! Follow the ten rules that you will find below for help.


1.     Move, move and move again

If we had to choose between either diet or exercise by itself, then we would go for exercise. By incorporating even only 10 minutes of exercise into your day you are moving your muscles and burning calories and fat. Keep going!

2. Diet

Rule number two: eat a balanced diet, and in the case of extreme weight you must consult a physician for advice. By no means should you attempt to lose a great deal of weight without a doctor’s approval and personalized instructions. However, if you do not need to lose a significant amount of weight, by simply following a low calorie diet you will shed pounds.

3. Set realistic goals only

Be sure not to dwell on your long term goal only. You must make several smaller, realistic goals that you can keep and check off your list. As you go along and reach these smaller milestones you will feel good about yourself and motivation will stay high.

4. Reward yourself when you have achieved a goal
Give yourself a reward. It does not need to be big and expensive; a half-hour massage or car wash will do the trick. Do not be tempted to reward yourself with food or you may need to start all over again.

5. Drink enough water
Make sure you get enough water every day. Unfortunately, this aspect is too often undervalued. Also be sure to quit drinking alcohol completely, if possible, or at least cut down significantly when you do drink. Alcohol has no nutritional value whatsoever, only calories, and also causes you to feel more relaxed and may make bad decisions regarding your diet.

6. Take a short vacation

If you are lucky you can plan your vacations however long you want to, but for the majority of us we can only have a few days, or a week maximum, to go on vacation. However, once you are on your vacation on the sunny boardwalk or promenade you will suddenly remember why you started to exercise and diet in the first place.
If you are unable to go on a vacation at all, simply imagine yourself walking in the sand on the beach and how you would feel if you were in a bikini. Would you feel ready, or would you wish you had begun your diet and exercise regimen earlier in the year?

7. Keep yourself motivated in the wintertime
Keep your goals firmly in mind. If you have just lost your motivation, then think back to the moment when you decided to do something about it. Do you remember how you felt, what you looked like? Do not forget the difficult moments – rainy, cold days, and stress. All of this will motivate you to do better with yourself.

8. Involve your spouse or a friend with this new lifestyle

A good support system is a must when attempting to exercise and diet as a lifestyle. Your spouse or friends who want the best for you will join you in this undertaking. When you lose motivation and just quit, they will hold you accountable and you will find your motivation again.

9. Cheat, occasionally

We all know that an extremely strict diet and exercise regimen will lose steam after only a few weeks, at most. It is okay to have a cheat day once a week with your diet but do not feel it is okay to have more than 1 per week; this will negate any hard work you’ve done that week already.

10. Remember to have fun

Of course we all want that perfect body but when you begin to obsess over the tiny details is when you will begin to lose motivation and stop having fun with the entire process.

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