10 beauty and makeup mistakes

Beauty crimes. Ten things you should not do.


10 beauty and makeup mistakes1. You should not walk around with nails that are of uneven length


Have you saved your nails for months only to have one of them break off (annoying!)?  You can only do one thing, cut and file the remaining nails to the same length.


2. You should not pluck your eyebrows too thin.

Do not pluck too many hairs. Plucking is just to remove unwanted hair, not to change the natural shape of your eyebrows. If you want your eyebrows to take a different shape, consult an eyebrow specialist. Be sure also to never pluck your eyebrows in a circular loop.


3. You should not use too much foundation

Excess foundation adds ten years to your actual age, hence, use light formula. Liquid foundations give the most natural effect. Foundation shouldn’t be visible! It should only accentuate the beauty of your skin.


4. You should not use toothpaste on pimples

Do not apply toothpaste on pimples. There are even studies that show that toothpaste can cause pimples.


5. You should not use mascara improperly

Take your time when applying mascara, do not use too much. The lashes should not stick together and the results should look natural.


6. You should not leave the house without sunscreen

Use sunscreen every day. Protect your skin, especially your face. Do not underestimate the harmful effects of the sun. Do not think that you can walk the dog to obtain the much needed Vitamin D without applying sunscreen.


7. You should not use a dark lip liner

Unless you are using a dark lipstick, the color of the liner should always match that of the lipstick.


8. You should not have chipped nail polish

Perhaps this is beauty crime number 1. It indicates a lack of respect for yourself and for others. Chipped nail polish should always be removed.


9. You should  not go to bed without taking off your makeup

Removing your makeup every night is a must, a ritual that you may not skip under any circumstances if you love your skin.


10. Always wear your hair in a ponytail

Having your hair tied back in a ponytail every day, is bad for your hair and denotes a lack of imagination and creativity. Change your hairstyle periodically. Pay attention to your hair and care for your appearance every day.

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