10 ideas for a new look


 tips for a new lookDo you think you look pale and winter white? Then it’s time for a new look!  So why don’t you radically change course and draw energy from the new dazzling and trendy looks? Below are 10 exciting ideas for a new you…

Buy differently than your normal preferences. If you walk directly toward the usual pants you wear, now go look at the skirts. If you usually wear plaid colt, try a deeper cut sweater. Look at fashion magazines for looks that appeal to you and hold it firmly in your mind. Ask a good friend if she is able to go to shopping with you (she must have good taste). If you are you going alone then chances are high that you’ll come home with the usual garments.

What’s better for your ego than the admired eyes of the male? Challenge them and buy a sexy top or dress. Do have guts but play it subtle. A lacy bra under a casually unbuttoned classic blouse can do wonders, but don’t combine a sexy top with a skirt that just covers your butt. You can wear a sexy dress with exciting boots or high heels to a party, but to the office you better wear flat boots or flat ballets.

A very subtle but effective change in your look is the change of the heel. If you usually go “flat feet” through life, then pull the plunge and appear at school or at work with a pair of high heels. If you don’t feel at ease, then wear the heels for the first time with long pants which partly cover them. You have no idea how sexy you can look with jeans and a pair of high heels! If you usually wear heels, then go for a sporty look and wear a pair of fashionable sneakers, romantic ballet flats or boots. Can sometimes be quite refreshing at work!

You have no idea how boring it can be if you always go with the same colors and are forever in the black dress. You should dress once in white or fleur your outfit with colored elements. Swap gray or brown eternally to red or green… In short, change but do it right. If you are pale, go for warm colors (brown instead of black). Bright colors are nice with darker skin.

If you want to change drastically than go for a completely different hair color like from blond to brown or brown to golden blonde. A new hair color does wonders and gives you directly a lot of new ideas for your wardrobe and your makeup. If you don’t feel like for a new hair color, change your hair style. Orientate yourself well in advance, collect pictures of hairstyles that you like and then discuss with your stylist what hairstyle suits you best. You don’t always have to get it cut. Go for curls in straight hair, from curls to straight, or get your hair braided … In short, a change of hairstyle just by itself is enough for a refreshing new look.

How often do we make the same makeup out of habit, day in and day out? Break the rhythm and change colors and technique. Always make sure to try a natural look. If you never use makeup try a foundation, a line along your lashes, a little blush and a touch of lipstick. Open yourself for good ideas for a perfume and let a makeup artist advise.  Changes in makeup can be very striking. Begin, therefore, with on Saturday so by the time you go back to work or school, you’ll already be used to your new look.

Change of tone. Scrub your winter skin, nourish the skin with a moisturizer and get some sun. That does not necessarily have to be a sun (it’s still bad for your skin). Today there are wonderful self-tanners that give your skin a beautiful golden touch within a few hours.

You have no idea how much impact you can have with all sorts of small changes: a new form of eyebrows, brightly painted nails, or fake lashes. Have your eyebrows shaped by a beautician for a change. Groomed brows give your face a very different expression. Brightly painted nails make your hands sexy. Fake lashes create a sultry look. Nowadays there are more and more beauty salons that specialize in making small “tufts” lashes between your own lashes. This makes them fuller and you can format your beautiful eyes. You feel immediately comfortable and attractive with it. Maybe people will not notice full lashes immediately, but you feel sexy and confident all the more!

Glasses or contact lenses? Turn the things over. If you wear glasses, try lenses. If you wear lenses, try glasses. Again, you can get the best start on a Saturday.  You have no idea how chic and intriguing you can look with a nice frame.

If you – at this point – still have no clear ideas about what you actually want, then change your environment for shopping. Take a day off, pick up the car or train (and a friend) and go shopping in a totally unfamiliar city. New stores and boutiques can be very inspiring.

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