10 makeup tips that make you look younger

makeup tips to look younger

Makeup not only makes you more beautiful, but also much younger. You can look much younger than you actually are by choosing the right textures (gloss, matte) and colors. Small changes in your daily makeup can make years of difference! Here are 10 tips for a radiant youthful appearance.

1. Lip gloss for fuller lips

Full lips make your mouth appear sensual and sexy, they are also often associated with a youthful appearance. This is easily explained by the fact that our lips become narrower as the years pass. Therefore, if you want to appear younger, use makeup that makes your lips look fuller. Glossy lipstick is highly recommended. Matte, dark lipstick makes your lips thinner and paler while glossy lipstick makes your lips fuller (and much more sensual).

2. Sharp eyebrows

 Narrow eyebrows are retro and makes your face look aged. Therefore do not over-pluck your eyebrows, try to leave them as they are. Use an eyebrow pencil to make your eyebrows slightly fuller. You can shave the years off this way! Watch out that you do not make your eyebrows too dark.

3. Blushing cheeks

Often we tend to apply blush in a diagonal line below the cheekbones, like they used to in the 80s. This creates shadows on your face, making your face look thinner. However, this is a not the result you want, especially when you’re older. For a fuller and younger face, apply blush to both your cheeks. Maybe even use a soft pink blush for an amorous, fresh look.

4. Foundation

Too much makeup can make you look old, this also applies to foundation. Go for a natural effect. A trick on the red carpet that stars (or their makeup artists) often use, is the following. Dab the correct spots and areas of your skin with a corrective product using a makeup brush, then apply very light foundation to your bare skin.

5. Beware of shiny eye shadow

Glossy and glittery eye shadows have the annoying habit of accentuating wrinkles. As top model Lauren Hutton once said: “Shimmery eyeshadow acts like ‘airport runway lights’ – illuminating every line, wrinkle and pore.” Therefore it is recommended that you use matte eyeshadow.

6. White sclera

The whites of our eyes are often not pure white.  Sleepless nights, one drink too many, contact lenses or long hours at the computer may tire the eyes, causing it to lose its sparkle. Keep eye drops on hand as they help reduce the dilation of veins and return the proportions to normal. However, products like this are best used in moderation as they may eventually lead to eye redness. Read more about red eyes

7. Blue eyeshadow

If you do not wish to use eye drops, then go for a dark smoky eyes. According to top makeup artist Tom Pechaux, the dark shades accentuate your eyes, making the whites seem clearer than they actually are.

8. For soft lines

 Hard lines make you look old, while soft lines make you look young. ‘Blending’ is the ultimate keyword for makeup. Purchase a pair of soft make-up brush that you can use for fading. It is mainly the eyeshadow and blush that requires fading. If you plan to draw a line along your upper lashes, do not use a liquid eyeliner but a soft eye pencil and blur the line with the makeup Brush.

9. Minimizing makeup

 The more makeup you use, the older you look. Go for minimal makeup and keep it as natural as possible. Red lips may be flattering, but choose an even softer shade. Use soft and warm colors for the base. Avoid caking your face thickly with powder as it ‘flattens’ your face and removes any depth, but go for a creamy foundation. Layer the jawline and the sides of your face with a light gold / bronze powder.

10. Natural lashes

 For your upper lashes, you can use black mascara. Choose a mascara that looks natural on your face. Either leave the lower lashes uncolored or use a lighter mascara (eg brown). You can also apply some light brown eyeshadow under the eye, as it is much more natural than hard, black lashes.

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