10 tips for first date


dating etiquette

The ten rules of conduct that apply when you go out with someone for the first time have changed a lot. Previously, there were strict and sometimes even ridiculous rules (think of the chaperone), now the datiquette is realistic and more in line with modern times and trends of the 21st century.

The datiquette : 10 tips for dating

  1.  Do not kiss on the first date? Who said that? If you feel like it, then there are no rules that hold you back. Playing hard to get is so 20th century!
  2.  Who chooses the restaurant? Very simply, the one who pays, and that really does not have to automatically be the man.
  3.  Who pays? The inviting person.
  4.  Who invites who is out? There are no rules. If you want to ask someone, just do it. He always being the first to ask is outdated. Do you like him? Treat him to a cup of coffee or ask him to eat yourself, take the initiative.
  5.  The first date with another couple or a group of friends or family? No, thanks! Either simply go with another couple or just the two of you. Chaperones are not necessary anymore.
  6.  How do you ask him (see point 4)? Now, of course, it seems you cannot get around new technology even regarding dates. A few years ago a date asked over a text message seemed un-romantic but now is the norm. You can ask him in a private message on a social network or over the phone, even in person is still romantic and accepted.
  7.  Does being fashionably late make you seem more interesting? Not at all. Punctuality is important, especially inn a world where we all live in real time. It’s really a bummer when you are not on time for an appointment, and especially if it is a first date.
  8.  It is not considered taboo to go out with a younger man, although it depends on how much younger. Maybe you could be the next Demi Moore, but it is a thin line between being classy about it and being trashy about it.
  9.  When he brings you home after a perfect evening? When the evening was really so perfect, a goodnight kiss on the doorstep is a nice end to an evening. Why not? Or you could invite him in, whatever you feel comfortable with. It is the 21st century, after all.
  10.  Discussing the details of your first date on social media? Not a good idea! Nobody wants someone who will kiss and tell, especially not men. You also do not want your friend request box to be overflowing from men who “want to be your friend” after you tell the entire world that you are dating.

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