Everyone has his or her weight loss tricks  . We did a round of questions among acquaintances, friends and surfed the net looking for useful tricks. The result was a list of 12 useful tips that we might actually know but is good to be reminded of:

  1. I’m going to do errands on foot rather than on the bike. It will take a bit longer, but I get to do more exercise. And carrying the bags requires even more energy!
  2. I will limit my alcohol intake. There are lots of calories in alcohol and especially in the mixers. It is best to just avoid alcohol altogether
  3. I will never deny myself anything but I think that moderation is the key
  4. Give up biscuits with coffee. It might take a week or two but you will be able to tell a difference in how you look and feel
  5. Water, water and more water. It sounds trite, but it really helps. In the summer I drink gallons a day easily. In winter, I warm the water briefly. Otherwise, it’s so cold and I would never get my half liters per day.
  6. I read during the day on “snack breaks” (an apple, yogurt) so that in the evening I do not come home starving and raid the fridge
  7. I do not drink juices as they contain a lot of sugar
  8. If I’m convinced that I do not feel right, I will use it as motivation to start exercising and dieting again
  9. I eat a lot of vegetables! It fills me up and reminds me of why I am dieting in the first place
  10. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a king and dinner like a beggar. I usually struggle to get into the rhythm, but when I do, I see results quickly. And the great thing is that I start the day off well and aim for using common sense the rest of the day
  11. I make sure my house is spotless! Now that’s moving!
  12. I replace my dessert with an apple. Tasty sweet and a good end to my meal.

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