13 weight-loss-tips

13 Essential Weight Loss Tips

Lose weight without strict dieting and without spending hours slaving in the gym? You can! The secret is, of course, in reducing the number of calories you ingest daily.

 Drink a Glass of Water

Drink before and during meals and at times when you feel like snacking. By filling up on water, you will not feel as hungry and will reduce the temptation to overeat.


Reduce your Portions

Reduce your portions by a quarter or even a third. You will not even notice the lack. At restaurants ask for a box to be brought immediately and put half into the box for lunch the next day.


Be Generous with Spices

Spicy spices such as chili, cayenne and ginger can accelerate metabolism. Give preference to these spices and add flavor to your meals along with revving the metabolism.


Moderate your Alcohol

Alcohol contains a lot of calories for such a small portion of liquid. Try to reduce or completely eliminate alcoholic beverages. There is nothing good in alcohol and all you will get for your trouble is a night full of bad decisions and a hangover, along with a beer belly. None of these are good consequences.


Get Enough Sleep

Make sure you get enough sleep. Rest is how your body heals itself from the stress and traumas it goes through during the day. By sleeping enough your metabolism will begin to even itself out and you will feel better throughout the day instead of sluggish with a low metabolism.


Drink green tea

It is said that green tea speeds up the metabolism. We do not know this for certain, as scientific tests are inconclusive, but there is nothing to hurt by trying. Replace regular black tea or coffee with green tea once or twice a day to see for yourself. On hot days you can make iced green tea. Use little to no sweetener like honey or agave syrup.


Make Wise Choices

Plan in advance. Be sure to only have healthy products on hand in the kitchen, and especially easy to prepare items for when you are really hungry, like breakfast time. If you enjoy snacks, make sure to have some carrots and celery already sliced sitting in water in the fridge waiting for you to grab it with some healthy salad dressing to dip. Make healthy beef jerky or fruit leather to grab in a pinch. Yogurts are another good snack, as are whole fruits, and are so easy to just pick up and eat. All of these options are also low in calories and high in vitamins and nutrients.


Run Errands after Lunch, not Before

To resist temptations run errands on a full stomach or you may find yourself going to the drive-through or grabbing unhealthy foods at the market.


Brush your Teeth

I know, it sounds funny! But truly, by brushing your teeth after eating you are signaling to your brain that you are done. Also, most foods do not taste good after brushing with a strong toothbrush. Peppermint candies and mints have a similar effect, but knowing you’ve cleaned your teeth is a much stronger signal to stop eating. Many celebrities have said they brush their teeth before cooking so they do not keep tasting the food before it is done, then having an entire plate during dinner.


Hang a Motivating Picture of Yourself or Celebrity

Everyone has lean and’ less lean periods. Take a picture of yourself when you were slim out and hang it on the refrigerator or the mirror in the bathroom. If you do not have any pictures you want to use, cut out a picture from a celebrity magazine and hang it instead. Good for the inspiration!


Be Realistic

When dieting and exercising, the key to success is moderation and consistency. Do not be too overzealous, especially when reducing calorie intake. This will often achieve the opposite of what you are trying to do. By eating too few calories your body goes into starvation mode and continues to store fat. Yes, you will lose weight but you will also lose muscle mass and just be a jiggly weakling. Not sexy!


Listen to Music

Food gives us a good feeling but it has been found that beautiful music can bring the same effects. Replace those fatty snacks with your favorite music. Also, dancing to music will help you even quicker, a double benefit!


Concentrate on Eating

Take your time for meals. Do not watch television and do not read. Eat quietly and chew each bite well, putting the fork down in between bites. This will make you feel fuller faster, and it will not be tough to eat less. By doing these things you are more able to clearly read the signs that you are not hungry anymore.

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