2014 Shoe Trends


Never before have we seen so many shoe trends. Literally anything goes this summer. From flat to medium, to high. From ballerinas to sneakers, from pumps to sandals. Even gladiator boots come into the picture.

Sneakers and trainers

Walk you like to sneakers then you are well this summer. Sneakers – but also trainers – are trendy. You wear them with jeans, but also under a skirt or shorts. Many sneakers come in multicolor versions. Trainers are also worn white and firmer than sneakers. They seem straight out. Out of the gym

Ballerinas, decorated slippers and espadrilles

Lovers of flat shoes come this season more than their money’s worth with the huge assortment of ballerinas. In a solid color, with or without decorations, sometimes in transparent versions. Further, the slippers trend of the past winter it over the summer. We’re going to see them even in printed versions. And what about the espadrille? An old friend, now back, but in a new version: here again with embellishments and prints or dust very different than usual. It became real designer items.

shoe trends 2014

Kitten heels and pointy noses

Another classic is the half-pump with pointed nose. We saw them on the catwalk at Louis Vuitton and we expect them in the street to see you soon. It’s the ideal “office shoes” but they are also very beautiful under a cocktail dress for a summer seaside.

80s pumps in bright colors

The next few seasons (yes, winter 2013 2014), we are faced with a revival of the 80s and that includes the typical 80s pumps with. For an up-to-date look, choose a cheerful color: fuchsia, blue, yellow. Whatever you like!

Sandals: low and high

Sandal belong naturally in the summer season. Both the flat and the high performances this season are often decorated with colored stones or other applications. Silvery sandals are also fully.

Wedges, heels, block heels

Wedges, heels, block heels. There is no line to be discovered. Also in terms of heels is the offer for this summer expanded. Even sneakers and sneakers come with a wedge (or platform).

Gladiator boots

And you think a trend (net) over, then steekt’ie resurfaced. Surprisingly, we are going to see this summer gladiator boots. Versace went for it, it was Chanel and Paco Rabanne was a gladiator style and all.

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