SMOKY EYES AND POUTY MAKEUPAre you fascinated by the 20s’ boyish, but feminine and seductive look? Be flamboyant with seemingly innocent Bambi-like eyes and a soft, full pout. Read on for step by step instructions for creating that irresistible mix of innocence and femme fatale.

The Roaring Twenties

The twenties is a period that remains a continuing inspiration. It was a period that ushered in major changes in fashion trends, hairstyles and makeup. Women discarded their corsets, cut their hair short, wore short skirts, went for low necklines and danced the Charleston. Neat ladies blossomed into boyish femme fatales seemingly overnight. It was the perfect combination -sultry and feminine, but also mischievous and innocent. The light-hearted mood of this era and the garçonne style (girls who choose to dress in a masculine fashion) is making a comeback this year. Read more below.

20s makeup. Do it yourself!

We saw a brilliant interpretation of the twenties makeup at Fur Fur in Tokyo. Trendy Style interviewed MAC Director James Molloy who created the look for this show. He told us more about the makeup and gave us step by step instructions on how to recreate the look. This sultry and seductive look is perfect for a romantic candlelight dinner, but also for girls’ night outs. On weekends, you can even wear the look during the day.


The inspiration: soft colors and a tinge of melancholy

“The color palette for Fur Fur’s collection led me to reproduce makeup from the 20s. The colors in the pallete are very soft and delicate. Hence, I wanted an innocent-looking makeup look that is a little melancholic, a little sad. To achieve that effect, I made the mannequins have sweet little faces with pink blush on the cheeks and nude tones on the lips. The eyebrows are specially designed to make the faces look sad, but also endearingly cute at the same time, “says Molloy.

How to … How to create this look?

We followed Molloy during the makeup process. This is how you create the 20s look at home:

Step 1: A perfect base

Choose a foundation that is suitable for your skin in terms of color and texture. Using your fingers, gently massage the foundation into your face. Apply several coats for a velvety effect.


Step 2: ruddy cheeks

One of the key elements in this look is the cream blush, see photo 9. Molloy used peach color for this look (Bamboo MAC Cream Colour Base, MAC Pro products, these products are only available in MAC Pro stores). Place the cream blush on both your cheeks with your fingertips. Then dab some pink cream blush in the middle of your cheeks. By using two colors, namely peach and pink, you’ll amplify the blushing effect. You will mainly be applying the makeup with your fingers to achieve an organic look, explained Molloy. (See photo 2).


Step 3: Descending eyebrows

To obtain the melancholic effect, (the 20s was not an easy time!) Mollow made the eyebrows slope downwards. For a fashion show this is fine, but if you were to imitate this look, then keep the natural line of your brows, advises Molloy.


Step 4: Large and moist Bambi eyes

Three different colors of eyeshadow are needed: Light brown matte eyeshadow for the base (Shadowy MAC Pro Sculpting Powder, MAC Pro product), a dark gray matte eyeshadow (Concrete MAC eye makeup see photos 7 and 8) and a taupe-colored cream eye shadow with a slight sheen (Dusk MAC Cream Colour Base) as a finishing touch. With these shades you create smoky eyes which isn’t too dark.


Start with the light brown eye shadow. Apply the product on the entire eyelid, up to the brows, with a makeup brush (Molloy used MAC brush No. 225). Surround your eyes with the eyeshadow to form a circular shape. Then, place some dark gray eyeshadow on the brow bone and on the moving parts of your eyes. Finally, use your fingers to dab some taupe eyeshadow on the centre of your eyelids. Your eyes will then look moist and youthful.


Use a dark eye pencil to draw a line under your eyes, spread it out with a brush. For this look you do not use mascara.


Step 4: Sweet pouts

The lips play an important part in this look. They have to look delicate and moist, like a flower that is about to bloom. Use a bold and glossy lipstick in nude tones and apply multiple layers of it, Molloy used MAC’s Creme D’Nude for this look (see photo 6). The lips have a soft, peach-like, feminine, full and slightly pouting appearance.


Step 5: Nude nail polish

Paint your nails with a light, nude color, see photo 11.


Step 6: 20s haircut

The model in these pictures are wearing a wig, but if you have long hair, you can tie your hair loosely around the neck so that your hair seems short. You can even get a bob haircut from the hairdresser, if you like.


Check out the pictures. You’ll get a better idea of the shapes and the way you can imitate this look.

20s smokey makeup


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