3 HAIRSTYLING TRICKSDid you know that the same rod that straightens your hair also curls it? And do you know what you can do with a styling iron to make curls in your hair? And what can you do to make your ponytail fuller? Here are three tricks that we saw 🙂 backstage at the show:

Make curls with the styling tongs
Everyone nowadays has a styling bar (you know them, with ceramic plates to protect hair as much as possible). We usually apply the styling rod from the roots to the ends of the hair to make it smooth and straight. But you can also use it to create curls.

Place a small lock of hair between the plates in the rod, not at the root, but at the terminal points. Turn the styling rod around until about half of the hair is wound around the rod. Hold the handles and just pull it out gently. You now have a little curl that starts about halfway through your hair. Continue lock by lock of hair. It does take some practice, but eventually you will get a head of beautiful curls from this technique.

Start making curls horizontally

Here’s a curling iron technique that requires a very different way of making curls. On the catwalk with Lorenzo Riva we saw hair styles created with three horizontal strokes. The strokes are made by placing the curling iron horizontally in the hair and making half a turn. Hold the rod briefly, and then let it slip horizontally. To ensure curl stays in place, it is important that you use enough (read: a lot) of paint on the lock of hair. Furthermore, the bar must be properly hot.

A cheerful, curly ponytail

To get a bulky ponytail full of dancing curls, the hairdressers backstage curled the models’ hair with the curling iron. The hair was then firmly pinned up on the head in various “buns.” Only shortly before the show, the buns were removed and shaken out lightly with the fingers.  Here, too, before you make the curls, use a good dose of varnish.

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