to do list in 1001 days


things to do before you die

47  things I want to do list in 1001 days


The task: create a bucket list of 47 things you want to do personally and accomplish in the next 1001 days. Criteria: This must involve clearly defined and measurable tasks or experiences, but must be also realistic. It can be things you’ve always wanted to try, the specific goals you want to achieve etc… Why 1001 days: It’s about to set a realistic time frame. 1001 days (about 2.75 years) is a better time frame to create something than a year. So you can also implement its goals if something unexpected crops up. And here is my list:



Insert for each fulfilled Task 1$ in the piggy bank.


  1. Hold tasks and publish photographs in the blog.
  2. Someone else to inspire, to write a to do list in 1001 days.
  3.  One weeks blog break. It  has been very difficult for me.
  4. Clean up the attic and throw away or give away everything.
  5. Bake Tilda torte.
  6. Resume contact with my friends here in town and invite for coffee.
  7. Join  to the bloggers meetings and organizations.
  8. Teach something to someone.
  9. Go to the cafe with mom and grandma.
  10. Apply for  an organ donor card.
  11. Go to the dentist two times per year.
  12. motivate  3 people.
  13. Write down 100 things I like about myself.
  14. Follow up Stella Luna course.
  15. Cook  more healthy things.
  16. 5 kilo weigt loose.
  17. Donate  SOS Children’s Village.
  18. Give old clothes for poor people.
  19. Read  6 books.
  20. Organize a meeting with collegues.
  21. Organize  a private exchange package.
  22. Be untidy in your House once a week.
  23. Take hubby to the sauna.
  24. Clean up the storage room and throw away all the bad stuff.
  25. Drive to Los Angeles
  26. Go  for swimming.
  27. Do not use credit cards.
  28. Attend The Stock Exchange course.
  29.  use the Wii sports program twice a week.
  30. a day in the high ropes course and climbing.
  31. Give your wedding ring to your daughter.
  32. Feed a bear.
  33. Smile yourself  every morning in the mirror.
  34. New living room decorating and paint.
  35. go to Holland.
  36. make a snow angel.
  37. apply for a job of really interests you.
  38. Just 1x ironing month
  39. Remodel kitchen (can) so I have more work surface.
  40. Underline window frames in white.
  41. Make cozy bedroom.
  42. Car wash in 1X month.
  43. Make clean car from inside, every 2 months.
  44. sleep on the hay.
  45. a night in the garden tents.
  46. Cycling 2x a week.
  47. Write a new  list.

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