5 hair care mythsIt comes back each time. Taking good care of your hair. And we do all our best, because everyone wants beautiful hair. That’s also the reason why there are so many tips circulating everywhere. But are they all true? No, certainly not. Here are 5 hair myths.

If you shampoo often, it’s bad for your hair

Not true. It depends on what shampoo product is used. If you wash your hair every day with a harsh shampoo you will eventually notice damage. But if you use good quality products, then you can wash your hair every day. If you use a product that is rich in protein and other nutrients, your hair can benefit. So to get back to the fable, it is not true that it is bad to wash your hair every day. This is a weird but illustrative example. Look at your armpits. This is also skin and hair, like your scalp. You wash your armpits every day, don’t you?

If you regularly cut your hair, it grows faster

Not true. From a medical point of view, your hair is made up of dead cells while the living part of the hair is short, where the scalp is. Therefore, it does not hurt if you cut your hair. But if you pull on your hair, then you will definitely feel your scalp. Once you know that your hair beyond the scalp is made ​​up of cells with no circulation and no nervous system, then it is easy to understand that hair is not going to grow faster if you cut it off.

Split ends can be “cured.”

Not true. There is only one remedy to get rid of split ends and that is a haircut. However, there are products that will stick the split ends together, but this effect disappears once you wash out the product. Of course you strive to improve the quality of your hair’s split ends as much as possible You can do this by using the right products to care for the scalp well and also with proper nutrition. Furthermore, split ends can also be caused by blow drying or using styling tongs. If that is the cause, of course it is good to stop using them.

It is good to change shampoo from time to time.

Not necessarily true. It depends on what you expect from a shampoo. Some people have the idea that at some time their hair gets used to a shampoo and becomes unresponsive. Other people, especially like that a shampoo makes their hair smell fresh and because our olfactory system simply gets used to a smell, they change shampoos for that reason, and they switch from a melon scent to a coconut scent. So it is a very personal matter. The most important thing is that you choose the products that suit your hair type. It could be that your hair is drier at certain times, or fatter, and it’s always good to respond to those changes.

If you pull out a gray hair, you will get two in return

Not true. Gray hair emerges as the amount of melanin (the pigment that gives your hair color) decreases. The hair root produces less pigment. But, if you pull out a gray hair, and two grow back, it’s just a popular myth. Whether it is a coincidence that when you pull out a hair, two hair follicles remain, that means there is less pigment to produce in that period and therefore both produce gray hair around the spot where you pulled the hair out, but that would really be a long shot.

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