The most romantic day of the year is getting closer. Here are five tips for a day full of sweetness and light whether you are single, in love, engaged or married.

-Do you want to spend a super romantic evening with your lover? With a romantic candlelight dinner, an evening at the theater or just a walk on the beach? Organize your evening well in advance so you can devote yourself to him on Valentine’s Day.

-Are you dreaming of a romantic tête-à-tête with your prince on a white horse in your home? Think in advance what you are going to cook and how you are going to set the table. Light a dozen candles or tea lights and buy loose rose petals for a romantic atmosphere; think of a theme for the evening. Cover the table all in red or work with hearts with pink hues. Practice on the dishes you want to prepare for him by using them a few days in advance.
-For the singles on Valentine’s Day (who are not babysitting for married friends), call your girlfriends and timely book a table in a good restaurant. Make it an enjoyable evening together. Though you are surrounded by romantic couples, no one will prevent you from having fun with your girlfriends. Who knows, you may even find a cute single guy in the corner!-A tip for those who are engaged or married for years, and who do not remember the meaning of the word ‘romance’: Do not let Valentine’s Day go unnoticed. Take the inititive. Take the opportunity to blow new life into your relationship by buying sexy lingerie, leave the kids with a babysitter and let him see that you’re still in love with him after all these years.

If your friends are busy or are too depressed to go out on Valentine’s Day, then buy yourself a present or get a manicure to make yourself feel better. It is not the end of the world to be single on Valentine’s Day, and you might as well enjoy yourself.

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