The importance of proper hair care

In the summer it is more important than ever that your hair looks shiny and healthy looking. Beautiful bronzed skin and beautiful summer hair are the only jewelry that you need in this season. But summer also takes a lot out of our hair. Just as we need to sunbathe responsibly, we must be wise with our hair and treat it properly with products that will keep it protected.


Tip 1: Use a hair product with UV filter

Does summer weather exposure (sun, sea salt, pool water, high temperatures) require different hair care products than we use in the winter? 

Absolutely. Extreme weather conditions such as frost and heat greatly affect the scalp; it needs more moisture and nutrition. The big difference in the summer compared to winter is that you must use products with UV filtering.

Tip 2: A great haircut is the most important!

Are there any hair products/styling products and hair styling tools that you should not use in the summer? Example, is it true that you should avoid products containing alcohol?

Alcohol in products creates certain effects that other products cannot, but it’s very drying to hair, so we would rather avoid it. This is especially true for colored or curly hair, which are the most sensitive typed of treated hair. Hair trends in the summer are often looser and therefore do not need too many tools to give us a good result. A great cut his is the most important thing to have in the summer!

Tip 3: Use a leave-in conditioner

What kind of hair product is a summer must-have in your beauty case?

Leave-in conditioners are fantastic! Ciment, Thermique, and Kerastase for example provide lots of nourishment to your hair. It’s an instant boost. You use it on wet hair. These products are based on heat, so if you’re going to blow dry or style with a hair straightener, then you’re only applying more nutrition to your hair. Important: If you swim, apply the conditioner again!
(This type of conditioner is also available in spray form, so no dirty hands and it’s ideal if you have small children.)

Tip 4: Treat your hair occasionally with a treatment

A day at the beach is often hard on your hair. What can you do to avoid doing as little damage as possible?

In addition to using leave-in conditioners, your hair can also benefit greatly from special treatments. Today there are treatments that you spray on your hair and which do not require soaking, like the Aqua-Oleum Kerastase, which gives nutrition and moisture equivalent to five washes. For the man with long hair who wants to enjoy his time but without fighting with her for the hair care products, this is highly recommended. These intensive treatments do not weigh down your hair but do make it very vibrant.

Tip 5: Try a keratin treatment

Back from vacation with dry hair? What can be done?

A shampoo and tailored mask will do wonders for your hair. They give you back a beautiful head of hair in just minutes, really. During 1.5 hours of treatment (the Keratin is activated through heat) the natural strength of your hair is renewed, and it lasts about 2 to 3 months with proper care. It gives you a lint-free, smooth, shiny head of hair with the added bonus that your hair is deliciously healthy again.

Tip 6: Avoid pool water with a high chlorine content

Blonde hair color sometimes turns green in the summer after swimming in chlorine pools. What can we do to avoid this? And what can we do at the end of the summer to make this color go away?

Green hair is a combination of too many chemicals in your hair and too much chlorine in the pool water. If your hair is already very sensitive and the chlorine smell is very strong, I would dive into the sea instead. Should it happen, however, it is important to have it “fixed” at the salon. Green is something we can take care of, but if proper precautions aren’t taken, the green may return after the next color.

Important: hair won’t be green by the pool if your hair is in good condition. The care of your hair is very important! For very sensitive hair try the Kerastase Resistance line of super products. They build your hair from the inside out again.


Tip 7: Delay major color changes until after the summer

Is it better to color your hair before the beginning of a holiday in the sun or after?

That depends on your color. Major transformations as from blond to dark or bright red are sudden, and I would recommend putting it off until later. Those kinds of hair color changes with an enthusiastic sun makes the ideal recipe for damaged hair. For all other color treatments, it is important to use a UV filter that provides a protective layer over your hair shine. Proper hair care during your holiday in the sun will result in hair that is lighter but in a nice way. For extra color retention, you can also ask the hairdresser for an after-color treatment. This ensures that the color of your hair is sealed in, making your fun look last longer.

Tip 8: Go for a loose up-do or a casual braid

After a lovely day at the beach, we often do not want to style our hair. Do you have a hair styling tip for us?

Often hair is at its best (in terms of volume/texture/firmness) after a day of sun, sea and sand. For some extra texture you can use the compact split end sealer Label.m that gives a summery glow and protects the tips of your hair. Insert the fingers loosely for lift or turn a casual braid for the ultimate summer feeling.

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