How? Very simple. You only have to hold to make sure that your hair stays healthy and shiny.  Throw in some simple dietary rules, too.

Does this sound strange to you? We are talking about hair care, right? Why aren’t we talking about the usual shampoo and balsam tips, you wonder? That’s because there’s one thing that we often forget, or perhaps do not even know about, and that is that taking care of your hair starts at the dining table.

With a few simple rules, you can “eat” your hair into vitality and shine, giving what you have so far unsuccessfully been looking for and save yourself a fortune in expensive products. Are you curious now about what to eat? Then read on.

  1.  Ensure that your daily diet is balanced and rich in proteins (the building blocks of healthy hair) and carbohydrates. Eating too little protein can result in dry and dull hair. Moreover, your hair grows slower. Fish, meat, eggs and cheese (make sure you do not overdo the fats) are important protein suppliers. Salmon is especially regarded as one of the best foods for the health of hair. And it also is tasty.
  2. Supplement your diet with amino acids, available from the pharmacy and drugstore.
  3.  Dull, unhealthy hair can also indicate a lack of (unsaturated) fatty acids that are found in olive oil and fish (See #1 above)
  4.  Ensure that you have foods that are rich in iron,  or take an iron supplement.
  5.  Eat a healthy, high-fiber breakfast, such as cereal or muesli with yogurt.
  6.  Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Vitamins and antioxidants (which are found in fruits and vegetables) are very important for shiny, healthy hair.
  7.  Drink plenty of water or fruit juice (skip the sugar).
  8.  Other integrators that are important to the health of your hair―and which are available in pharmacies―are the B complex vitamins, including folic acid and zinc.
  9.  Thinning hair? Eat a diet that is rich in iron, calcium and silicon, substances that can counteract hair loss. Further assure you that you are getting enough fruits and vegetables (dried fruits are especially good). There are of course many reasons for hair loss (consult your physician for unusual hair loss), and you cannot fix everything with a healthy diet, but it’s a good start.
  10.  Your hair is not growing as fast as you’d like. Aside from genetic factors ( which can’t be changed), you can try to integrate vitamins B complex, C, D and E into your daily diet. Furthermore, make sure that you do not consume too much fat, caffeine and carbonated drinks. These nutrients would inhibit hair growth. Do not expect miracles from supplements, although they can help.

As you can see, some simple diet rules―apart from the nutritional supplements―come at no extra cost and in return you get healthier h air. And not only that―your entire body will benefit from a healthy, balanced diet, too. And if we do it purely for looks and beauty, then we should mention the positive impact on your nails, which also benefit from the same materials and food. Not bad, right?

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