MASCARA AGAINST HAIR OUTGROWTHHair colors used to be mainly used to cover gray hair, but now they are part of your overall look. Hair style and hair colors can be matched. People used to disapprovingly whisper, “She dyed her hair!” Now it’s widely accepted and trendy hair dyes are very popular, if your hair looks well kept. And that’s not always easy.

The disadvantage of hair dye is natural outgrowth, especially if your natural hair color is very different from the hair color you used. With outgrowth you may feel very unhappy. Nevertheless, it happens to everyone. It is not always possible to tell immediately, if you don’t like it. Outgrowth takes time, but before you know it, the days go by and suddenly you’re walking around with an ugly color difference.

Fortunately, there is a “stopgap” and that is mascara. If you have an important meeting, a romantic date or a party and you want to disguise your outgrowth, all you have to do is choose a mascara in the color of your hair dye or rinse and use it to color your hair from the roots to the painted area. You will be amazed at the results!

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