curly hairstyles pinkyCurls are easier said than done. There is a lot involved. A well-known hairdresser once said, “Artificial curls are just as lovely as natural curls.” That hit the nail on the head. A curl is much more than just a set of curlers or a hot curling iron.

If you have curls yourself, it is important for you to take care of them well. If you don’t have natural curls but want more volume, be realistic. If you have thin, straight hair then it will not be easy to create, because a voluminous hairdo requires a different type of hair. It would be better to choose another style that suits you nicely. If your hair is oily, first make sure that you treat it with mild products that cleanse the scalp and bring it back into balance (seek advice from your stylist). Oily hair is heavier and curls will soon settle.

Make your hair curly  yourself

For nice curls, here are the basics. Choose a shampoo and balm suitable for your hair type.  Let the hair dry naturally as possible, otherwise use a hair dryer with cool air. Hot air dries the hair too much and makes it frizzy. It is also important for you to apply a mask to curly hair. Weekly oil-based products are ideal for curly hair. For styling, use a styling mousse and squeeze your hair with your hands. As a finishing touch, you can use some shine spray. Avoid hairspray, if possible.

Make your own curls
If you can’t curl your hair while blow drying, you probably aren’t using enough styling mousse. This will give you a good start: start by choosing a nourishing styling mousse or a product that gives volume to the hair (here again you can seek advice from your best stylist). Wash your hair, apply the product on still-damp hair and spread it through with a comb. If you don’t have time to wash your hair, then you can apply the products to dry hair. However, the results won’t last as long.

Once you have the product applied properly and your hair is sectioned off, then it’s time to start styling. For long, straight hair you can use a round brush. Wrap a lock around the brush (like you would do with a curler) and apply the hair dryer to it.  Move it up and down the section of hair, from the hair roots to the ends. Use a hot air setting so the curl will hold better, but remember that cooler air is better for your hair. Treat each section the same way. When everything is finished, run your fingers lightly through to give the hair a more natural look. Instead of a round brush, you can also use curlers or a curling iron.  Again, it is important to use styling products in advance. Not only does this ensure a better curl, but it also protects your hair.

If you have short hair, use a brush with a smaller diameter, twist the sections of hair around it and use the blow dryer simultaneously. Unlike long hair, short hair curls when you make quick, firm movements with the brush. Knead in some mousse or gel, and you’re done.

Nowadays, there are different types of perms, including milder formulas that hold for just a few weeks. Discuss with your stylist what result you want to achieve. Bring pictures along to show whatever style you have in mind, but obviously do not expect exactly the same result as in the picture. Each person’s hair responds differently to treatment.


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