BEAUTIFUL HAIR IN SPRING AND SUMMERThe sun is great. But as with all the nice things, you need to enjoy it wisely and in moderation. Not just your skin, but your hair, too, needs extra care if the sun is shining directly on it. In this article, we present five golden rules to keep your hair. Beautiful Tip number four could well surprise you!

Tip 1: the right shampoo

Wash your hair with a mild shampoo with ingredients like keratin, ginkgo biloba extract (from the herb ginkgo biloba) and biotin (also known as vitamin B8).

Tip 2: Don’t expose your hair to sea water too long

Everyone knows it. Sea water is bad for your hair. The salt affects the hair cortex, too. This is the middle layer of the hair which is composed of keratinous fibers. So do not go too long with your hair in salt water (or protect your hair with a shower cap, or hat). And rinse your hair well after swimming in the sea.

Tip 3: Put the flat iron away

In spring and summer, you are allowed to wear your quite naturally. So it’s time to put the straightening tools away. Give your hair that well deserved summer vacation.

Tip 4: soften your hair with cod liver oil

This is one of Grandma’s home remedies, but it still seems to help: cod liver oil. A mask of cod liver oil softens your hair and might even work better than any conditioner anywhere. For it to work, let the cod liver oil soak into your hair for an hour. Grandma knew what she was doing, even if she didn’t know why it was good. We now know better. Cod liver oil is rich in vitamins A, D and omega 3 oils. It’s a treat for your hair.

Tip 5: a healthy diet

Strangely, spring is the season when we lose more hair than usual. To avoid this, eat foods that contain iron, such as legumes, red meat (in moderation), spinach and turkey. If you lose an unusual amount of hair, consult a dermatologist.

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