CURLY HAIR STYLEWe’re sure you like the curly hair styles like these pictures that steal the show, whether you are going out on the town or having a super trendy party. To you, they are de rigueur!

How do you proceed?

For this hair style, it is best to enlist the help of your mother, sister or a (patient) girlfriend. She will need to curl your hair with a curling iron, making sure it’s hot. Now ask your girlfriend, sister or mother to make as many stiff curls as possible. Start by curling the lowest hair and work upward. You can curl to the top of your head or just curl the lower part (about 5 to 7 cm up). Spray a heavy dose of hair spray on each section before you wrap it around the curling iron. This will help the hair style last longer.

If your entire head of hair is styled à la Ruud Gullit, you can just toss your hair over and brush it out. You now have huge curls. Grab a comb and tease the curls by pushing the hair with the comb towards your head (you can also do this with your hands). Do this especially with the curls on the sides and back of your head and let the curls over your face remain “clean,” i.e., without teasing them. You can get some wax in while backcombing to counteract the fluff.

Now you can iron the smooth upper part and secure it with wax. Hand pick some curls to hang around your face, and pin them with a bobby pin. Do not be too careful, and tease the curls well. Follow these instructions carefully then you will have a huge, trendy, rich curls.

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