Craving Control : How to stop cravings

Tricks to help control and stop cravings


how to-stop-cravingsYou know the feeling well. You get the thought of something nearly irresistible in your mind and you HAVE to have it! Pastries, chips, ice cream… in weak moments you think of all sorts of excuses to give in like a bad grade in school or a bad hair day, maybe somebody hurt your feelings and you are feeling down so you drown it out with comfort food.

There are times when you mess up on your diet, and despite the fact you have worked so hard at it for some time, it will happen. Everybody has this happen, but the people who successfully lose weight (and keep it off) do not let it stop them from attaining their dream bodies. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off. It will be okay!

In order to cope with cravings, we have devised some tricks for you. Choose the trick that works best for you:

  • Distract yourself. Oftentimes you will forget about the food in question if you make yourself busy. Go for a 10 minute walk (hopefully it turns into 30), take the dog out, unload the dishwasher or sit down with a book. Take yourself away from the temptation and you usually will forget about it.
  • Drink water. Drink plenty of water. This fills you UP without filling you OUT. Water has zero calories but it takes calories to process water in our bodies, so there is a dual benefit. Water also cleans out toxins and helps keep our circulation systems in check. If you cannot drink plain water, try adding slices of fresh citrus fruits or a water enhancer. If this is still not appealing, dilute some fresh fruit juice with water, about half and half. This is a last resort; plain water is the only way our bodies will cleanse itself.
  • Imagine… How the pastry tastes and ask yourself if the extra pounds are worth the fleeting flavor? Studies have also shown that simply smelling the treat appeases our craving for it. Go ahead, sniff it! Like you mean it!
  • Know your Weaknesses and Act Accordingly. If you know you will succumb to the temptation no matter what you try, try not to have it on hand or be around it at all. Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, cucumbers and celery so you have something healthy to simply grab. Always go shopping when you are not hungry to resist the temptation of the goodies on the shelves.
  • If you still Eat it Anyway. Just eat it and be finished with it. Do not feel guilty about it; we all do it. Just move on and get an extra 20 minutes of aerobic exercise in at the gym or do an extra set of weight exercises.

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