Diet Motivation-How to Stay Motivated

Diet motivation

Diet motivation is the most important step and then comes to learn how to stay motivated for losing weight.

Diet motivation-How to Stay MotivatedPerhaps you are planning to go on a diet, or you have already started one. Often we have motivation in abundance at first, and we lose quite a few pounds. But don’t let the scale lie to you; you may have lost a few pounds but if you don’t maintain this effort you will plateau or worse, gain it all back plus some more.

If you are doing well on the scale at first, try not to fall off if you stop losing weight, or it is slower. Oftentimes you have gained muscle, which weighs more than fat. The true test is to measure yourself at integral points on your body. When you lose inches, not weight, your body fits into clothing better and you feel better about yourself overall. Your health should be the main factor, not what you look like on the outside, but it is great motivation!

how to stay motivated for losing weight

When you are losing weight, it will not do you any good to lie to yourself. If you know you will not eat healthfully later in the day but you really want a pastry or fattening food right now, don’t lie to yourself and pretend that you will only eat a salad for dinner. You may feel justified but if you don’t actually eat the salad at dinner, all you’ve done is sabotage yourself and your efforts. Is it really worth it for that little bit of a tasty snack?

If you are motivated enough, and for long enough, weight loss will be easy. However, most of us lose motivation after the beginning. So this is where being proactive comes in. Only buy healthy things you will buy. Park a block away from work on purpose so you have to walk. Make yourself use bathrooms on other floors at work. Pack your lunch at night so there is no “I’m running late” excuse.

Now, a crucial element to dieting is something most of do not, or cannot, do. Keep a food diary. No matter how small a bite of food is, whether it is a peanut or a 5 course dinner at an expensive restaurant, WRITE IT DOWN! You will be so surprised at how much you truly eat during the day. After that first day of being surprised at the sheer amount of food you put in your mouth, try to lower these amounts consciously. Avoid the candy jar at your coworker’s desk. Pack your lunch! Be smart, be proactive or you will not lose the weight you so desperately desire to. Keeping a food diary may also make you feel sick to know how much you actually eat, which can be motivating to some people.

Be sure to eat at the same time when at all possible, especially breakfast. This is the first time you are eating after a (hopefully) 8 hour fast and your body needs the energy before it goes into starvation mode and begins to store calories around your midsection. This is the unhealthiest place for body fat to be so it is crucial to feed your body appropriately and at the correct times.

Hopefully these tips have helped you in reaching your goals!

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