sugar enemy number oneChocolate, sweets, pastries, ice cream… All delicious, but rich in white sugar, enemy number one when we are trying to diet and lose weight. Unfortunately, we often feel the most attracted to these treats when dieting. We really have to struggle to avoid consuming it. Therefore, we have prepared a few rules that should help you to resist these sugary treats.

– It sounds trite, but the main rule is: do not buy it! Avoid shopping on an empty stomach. It is best to do shopping when you are full so that you can resist the tempting shelves full of chocolate, sweets, biscuits and bars.

– Avoid sugary drinks but drink water or 100% juice, not from concentrate, only. A healthy alternative is green tea. Sweeten green tea with a small amount of honey if necessary, but do not go crazy.

– Now that we are talking about honey, try to use it in place of sugar when you cannot avoid sweetening certain foods. If you make biscuits, a cake or bake a pie, use honey instead of sugar. Besides honey, you can also use agave to sweeten items. We do not recommend artificial sugar, as the health risks outweigh any benefits. Utilize spices and herbs to naturally sweeten foods as well, such as cinnamon and ginger. This will also lower the overall calorie intake.

– What about the sugar we use in our morning coffee or tea? Try to reduce the amount of sugar by half for an entire week to see if you can handle it or not. If by the end of a week you realize you did not miss the sugar, then try to halve it again the following week until you are weaned off of the sugar.

– Read labels of products before you buy them. You will discover that not only biscuits and pastries contain a lot of sugar, but also that these white enemy is also found in sauces and other products like tomato ketchup and marinades.

– Go for vegetables – fresh or dried. Fruit is a natural source of sugar and is also rich in water and fiber, and thus creates a feeling of fullness.

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