Fancy a new hair color? Try blonde.


Blonde Hair is Summer

Blonde is sunny and summery. Hairdressers and hair stylists are often at the heart of exuberant customers pressing them to select a color that will match the stylist’s own. These requests must be handled with care, because it’s hard to simply select a blonde shade.  When you want to go blonde, always go to an experienced stylist for best results. Make sure he or she is well informed as to exactly what effect you want to achieve, as there are several techniques and processes. Please also note that you will lighten up in the sun after your hair has been bleached. As the spring or summer progresses, the lightening effect is even more intense.

blonde hairBlonde Hair is Lovely

We traditionally we associate blonde with good, sweet and tender characteristics. In many myths and also in contemporary films and books, the good woman has blonde hair and the bad woman has black hair. So angels are always pictured with blonde hair. Goldilocks was a sweet, sweet girl, and that type gets the wicked witch, who always has black locks. Blonde also stands for delicate and fragile. Blonde women will therefore more often be protected by strong men.

Blonde Hair is Young

Not only do we associate blondes with love and goodness, but blonde is also young, because our hair is blonder in our childhood than when we are adults. Blonde hair therefore unconsciously calls up fond memories of the sun-drenched days of our youth. So this is another reason for going blonde: who doesn’t want to be associated with youthfulness?

Blonde Hair is Striking

Look around you in a crowd (or just in the hall at school, or the canteen at work). If you look at a group of people, you’ll notice hair first. Your hair style is therefore very important. Shiny, healthy hair attracts more attention than dull, dry hair. But not just the state of our hair determines the attention we receive. The hair color is also important. We cannot avoid it―blonde is an absolute eye-catcher. With well-groomed blonde locks, everybody around you is going to notice!

Blonde Hair is Seductive and sexy!

Last but not least: blonde is seductive and sexy. Examples abound: Marilyn Monroe to Pamela Anderson. Of course, Grace Kelly to Gwen Stefani. From Charlize Theron to Jesse Jane, one of the youngest and most popular porn stars of the moment. Since women have been openly bleaching their hair since the 50s, the blonde glamour world can no longer be ignored. And not just because men are more easily attracted to blondes. One of the reasons for this is that blonde hair is usually associated with a fair complexion, and fair skin is an open book when it comes to non-verbal communication. In embarrassment, the lighter skin blushes easily, and with excitement it shows red spots quicker. That’s like a sign on the wall for a man.

But brunettes, be comforted … because his eye may fall faster on your blonde girlfriend, but it has been found that men are more likely to see a brunette as a permanent relationship or life partner. Put the two weights on the scale and make your choice!

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