CUSHION FOUNDATIONMaybe you’re staring at us with some surprise when we start talking about “cushion.” It is already here in the Netherlands, but elsewhere it is still a fairly unknown concept. In Asia, however, this makeup product is booming and is already on our side. So we walk a little ahead of things, but it’s nice to be able to introduce “Cushion.”

“Cushion” is what you have applied under your makeup to make your skin instantly ‘flawless. This product differs from classical foundation that’s fast and convenient to apply. It’s one of those “emergency” makeup products that every woman is happy with, something that you really should always have with you so that you can freshen your skin anywhere, quickly.

Cushion is Just like a stamp pad, but with foundation

But more about the product itself. “Cushion” means “kiss” and that gives you more of an idea about it.  The package that looks like compact foundation or compact powder, and you will find a “built in” sponge soaked in the product (a bit like a stamp pad but lighter). With a corresponding Donsje press the sponge and then you apply the Donsje to your face. So it is actually a type of foundation that you “pick up” on a pad soaked with the product.

What is “Cushion” foundation, exactly?

Different Asian (mostly Korean) brands already have “Cushion” foundation on the market, and if you read the description on the packaging “Cushion” is multifunctional. First, it gives you a beautiful complexion with fairly complete coverage and corrects minor flaws, but the cosmetic houses also promise that it protects against the sun, that it moisturizes and even cools.

We already have a “Cushion” (in the South Korean brand Etude House) which says that it is ideal for everyday life. With just a few sweeps across your face, your skin looks really nice (but you do have to choose the right color). And yes, it even felt cool, too. Your skin is not really matte but retains a nice shine (incidentally it will depend on the brand you use) and it does not feel heavy. How it protects against the sun, is the question. It is always better to be on the safe side by using your regular sunscreen. But apart from that, “Cushion” foundation is really worth trying! Bring on the “Cushion!”

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