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Never in my life have I had a pony. With both long and short hair, I thought about it, but a real pony is a big step―even bigger than I thought. If you’re about to get yourself a fringe do yourself a favor and pay attention to the following points.

  1.  There’s more than you think.

Comb your hair to the front so that it covers your face, and then pull this “hair curtain” up to your eyebrows until your entire face is visible. That’s a lot of hair to cut!

  1.  Layered or straight?

This will depend on your taste and the effect you want to achieve. Personally, I like thick, straight bangs, which are currently very beautiful but if your hair is very thick you might want to thin out the pony show.

  1.  You have to get used to it

The bangs will fall forward while you’ve always worn your hair sideways or backwards. This is a big change. You will have to get used it, and it may take a few weeks.

  1.  The bangs should be styled, which you’ll have to learn

Do not think that you’ll get up every morning with a neat pony. Sometimes your hair will be all over the place (especially if you have naturally curly hair). And it’s not always easy to get neatly back into place.

To make your hair straight, it’s best to use styling tongs and a comb with fine teeth. Do not pull the rod straight down, but curl the ends slightly. Smooth the bangs with your fingers and some wax (not too much). Use a hair dryer and a brush to get a more rounded effect.

  1.  A hairnet?

If you don’t want to drag yourself out of bed early in the morning to take care of your bed-head, you can solve this by sleeping with a hairnet.

  1.  Change your makeup

The fringe shifts the emphasis on your face. An eyebrow-length fringe draws attention to your eyes. It may well be that your usual makeup routine is not suitable anymore. Therefore, it’s a good idea to experiment with a different makeup look to go with your new hair style.

  1.  High maintenance

A pony is ‘high maintenance.” Every morning it should be styled. As mentioned,  the pony will need to be regularly trimmed.  Straight bangs are easily cut (a roommate with a steady hand can do this with a pair of barber scissors can do it for you), but a layered fringe is more difficult. Be sure to plan for trims every four to six weeks.

  1.  The next step: straightening?

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. If you’re tired of styling your hair every day, then you might consider straightening your hair. It’s not the healthiest thing for your hair, but it may be useful!

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