Our tips for jumping from long haircut to a short haircut

from long to short hair cutThe jump from long to short hair is a big one for many women. So great that sometimes we should do anything else before we dare to take that drastic step.

Everyone knows the phenomenon of a drastic hair cut following the demise of a relationship. But it’s not always necessary to take such a dramatic step as taking the shears to your hair. The step from long to short hair is ideal if you want to make a quick change, and the good thing is that it always grows back!

If you are considering telling your long locks farewell then it is good to think in advance how you want to approach it. What’s the best way to choose a short hair style that you’ll be able to stand? And will you have more or less work to do with a short hair cut? Remember, too, that you need a haircut more often with a short style. Will the maintenance of a short haircut be too expensive? We’ll walk with you through these questions to help you get the answers.

How do you find the right style for you? Where should you look?

First, it is good to ask yourself why you want a different hair style for yourself. Your hair style is very crucial for your appearance and it is one of the first things people notice when they look at you. Your hair is a reflection of your inner self, an expression of your personality. That’s why cutting your hair is such an important event. It’s not just a question of beauty or style, it also demonstrates a kind of inner evolution of yourself. It’s also one way to put your past behind you.

Your hairdresser is in on this decision, (at least, we hope). Your hairdresser is your great help and support. Today, barbers not only vote on your hair style according to the shape of your face, but take your whole appearance into account. Therefore, it may help to also tell him or her what makes you want to cut your hair.

Furthermore, the stylist will naturally pay attention to the shape of your face, but also to the structure of your hair. It can also help to bring along photos of short haircuts that appeal to you, not just those that follow the trends. Try to select looks that fit your personality. Every person in this world has unique characteristics. Everyone is unique and it’s okay to select a style that reflects you.

Once you’re sitting in the barber chair, you may be asked if you’re getting a new hair color. Short hair is easy to color or paint (and the color grows out fast again). Moreover, the combination of a beautiful short haircut and a well-chosen hair color helps you present your best self to the world. Have a hair discussion with the hairdresser (or color specialist) before the haircut. Create an all-round plan so you achieve optimal results.

Do you have more work with a short haircut?

The daily care of a short hair style is certainly easier than long hair. Washing short hair takes less time, and drying and styling it is often much easier, too. With a great cut and style, often there is not much to do. Furthermore, most short haircuts worn today are often casual and just a hand run through your hair is often enough.

Is a short cut more expensive than long hair?

It is sometimes thought that a short hair style requires less maintenance because you do not, like long hair, have to get it cut regularly. However, make no mistake here! Many short hair styles require more maintenance than long or medium length hair styles because it needs to be trimmed and shaped about every six weeks. If you want to keep your hair short so you enjoy it, then you should sit in the barber chair regularly.

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