full eyebrowsStop plucking. Now! Full eyebrows are trendy. And all thanks to supermodel Cara Delevingne . The eyebrows of the British model – the ringleader of the fashion world – found widely emulated. Everyone wants at the moment Cara-brows (see the first picture from our gallery, we photographed Cara Delevingne during Paris Fashion Week).

But we believe there is more to it. Whole eyebrows were inevitable . It hung in the air. Since seasons are the eyebrows heavier and wider. Plucking is almost no more. Take only the necessary head hairs under your eyebrows off. Plus those hairs that just give your eyebrows that sensual ‘corner’. Because from the beginning when you have your eyebrows nose for about three-quarters of the length of an upward trend , and then walk slightly down toward the tip.

Furthermore, it is also important that you formatting them in a modern way. Give your eyebrows shape with an eyebrow pencil or eye shadow but make sure each single hair can still be seen. Avoid ‘stripes’ or ‘blocks’.

The color of your eyebrows tune in your hair or you make the color slightly darker.Eyebrows Do not lighter , unless you have hair dyed lighter. There are even models that their eyebrows decolorization but we do not recommend you. It’s more of a professional deformation. For a light base venturing you both light and dark eyebrows too.



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