Femme Fatale Hairstyles 2014 spring summer


Femme Fatale Hairstyles 2014 spring summer                                                    Hairstyle on the catwalk for Giorgio Armani, spring/summer 2014

Hairstyles 2014 spring summer are really crazy. You can do anything with them!  Boyish faces will have tight, graphic updo’s and “ragged” bobshave a very DIY look, hairstylist Floor Kleyne of Salon B told us in recent weeks. Today she explains a spectacular hair trend for this season. It’s a trend that is inspired by the femme fatales in Hitchcock films. This trend is very suitable for ladies who love a sensual, dramatic look:

Fashion and Hairstyles Captivated Hitchcock Femme Fatales

“The (what I call) ‘Cinematic Charm’ trend is inspired by Hitchcock films, especially the blonde femme fatales, those dangerous divas that appear in his movies.” Also backstage was what this season often refers to in Hitchcock’s films; the story remained backstage, but buzzing where designers were only too happy to be inspired by[BL1]  movie inspirations, which resulted in the New Look Dior. This look marks a significant moment in the history of fashion because the silhouette of fashion was totally changed. Previously, designers were not really paying attention to the shape of the female body, but with Dior’s New Look the waist was suddenly very important. I saw this really happen on the catwalk for spring and summer 2014: belts at the waist and on the entire female form, often outlining he hourglass figure. And all this was then combined with hairstyles in really strong and very feminine shapes .

Female Hair with a Twist and Artistic Forms

Caroline Herrera’s catwalk models always have very feminine hair styles with a nice twist, a bit Lady Di-like in an up-do, you might say. We have also seen this trend in extreme forms, such as backstage with designer Rick Owens, triangle-shaped knot in the hair creates lots of texture.

Femme Fatale Hairstyles 2014 spring summer-1
Hairstyles on the catwalk by Rocco Barocco spring/summer 2014

This kind of hairstyle is almost sculpture-like. Lady Gaga is the perfect example of someone who has adopted this trend, using both artistic forms and crazy hat hair. In short, you can use this season’s artistic forms for new, daring looks, but they should always be very feminine, mature and chic.

Three Styling Tips from Floor Kleyne

Tip 1: Upward Lines

And then I have a few tips that will come in handy hen styling your hair down. If you want an up-do with lots of volume, make sure always that the the hair above your ear takes a diagonally upward direction. When working with a roll at the back of your head, create upward lines to avoid a dowdy look. –If you do this, it will lift your face and give a modern feeling to your hairstyle. You upgrade your hair look instantly with inspiration from hairstyles past.

Tip 2: Work with a Donut

If you want to give your hair more volume, work with a filler, such as a hair donut.

Tip 3: Get a Natural Shine with a Makeup Brush

If you want very shiny hair but you don’t think that shine spray quite does the job, you can apply the shine spray with a makeup brush – the kind you usually use to apply bronzing powder with.  You’ll get a shine that looks as if it is your own. It looks very natural.


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