Foods that fight CELLULITE


 Foods that fight CELLULITEEveryone knows by now: cellulite has nothing to do with your weight. And nearly every woman will find they have that unsightly pitting in the thighs or buttocks. Just because it may be inevitable does not mean you just lay down and give up the fight. By utilizing creams and massage along with healthy diet and exercise, you may be able to slow the signs of cellulite.

Sometimes even a diet does not work for women who have an excessive amount of cellulite. In this instance they must also turn to exercise and massaging creams. Oftentimes cellulite is accumulated in concentrated areas and when dieting you will lose weight, yes, but maybe not necessarily where you want to lose it.

Cellulite is not simply fat but also waste materials in the cells that have accumulated significantly, along with moisture. This waste and moisture need to be removed but only through good circulation which can be achieved through healthy diet and a good exercise regime. But how do you remove this moisture and waste?

By eating moist and fibrous foods. You can feel it coming: eat as much fruit and vegetable matter as you can. It is good advice for a reason; it promotes weight loss, a feeling of fullness and other all around health benefits. Dark leafy green vegetables and foods with high water content such as melons are most beneficial, as are berries for promoting blood circulation.

 White meat, fish and eggs are necessary and useful building blocks for muscles. Make sure they are part of your diet if you want a tight body.

Continue drinking enough water (to facilitate the removal of waste), generally 64 fluid ounces a day or more. Do you have trouble drinking plain water? Switch a few glasses of plain water for green tea which can help speed metabolism as well.

Maintain an adequate of complex carbohydrates for energy, such as whole wheat breads and fruits and vegetables.

While we are on the topic of fluid retention, steer clear of added salt. When your food needs a flavor burst use herbs and spices instead of salt.

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