Do you dare to change your hairstyle and color?

Seasonal changes ask for change. So stop and think a while to get over blonde tresses and exchange them for a mane of chestnut brown. Perhaps now is the perfect time. We have six pieces of Trendy Style advice for you:

– Don’t take the step from light blonde to brown all at once. Color your hair only a shade darker at first. Then the next time, go a shade darker until you reach the desired color. Use your hairdresser’s colors, and speak with him or her about a color plan: first this color, a different hue next month, and so on.

– If you’re going to take the leap of faith and go directly from light to dark, then don’t pick the color yourself―leave it to the hairdresser instead. The hairdresser knows better how your hair will react to color, and can mix different colors with maroon to enliven your locks.

– We talked about enlivening. A maroon color is beautiful, but it is really special with some lighter locks, especially around your face. The hair looks more natural and your face is more beautiful, too.

– Once you’re in the barber chair, you can also get a cut. But nothing too drastic, because your new color will give your hair a lot of processing. A cut, however, can add more layers to give your hair extra movement.

– Of course you want to treat your “new hair” well. Ask your stylist what hair products are the most suitable for your new look. You do not really need a whole range of hairdressing products (they are usually more expensive―and more effective―than “supermarket products”) to purchase. You can start with the main product (e.g., shampoo).The next time maybe try another product. This way you don’t have to incur a big expense all at once, but you start building a collection of professional products.

– A new hair color naturally requires new makeup (that’s the nice thing about change). With dark hair, your face can handle more makeup. You can use darker products on your eyes and can choose brighter lipstick. With dark hair buy gold tones―they’re ideal for summer, and also very pretty.

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