Do you have a hair product with UV protection? Do you know what to do to make sure that your hair is better protected against chlorine and sea salt? Do you know the best hair styles for summer?

How should we protect our hair from the sun?

The biggest culprit in the summer is, of course, the sun. Not only does our skin suffer, so does our hair. Just as your skins can burn from unprotected exposure to sunlight, so can your hair.

 how do you protect your hair from the sun?

A good product with UV protection will really help a lot.

How do you protect your hair from chlorine and salt?

Not only do we need to protect our hair from the sun, salt and chlorine can do some hefty damage. Your hair will dry out and the moisture level will be disrupted. The sun is out and it looks beautiful on your hair, but before you know it, your hair is dry and brittle.

Are there any other ways to protect your hair from chlorine and salt?

Always protect your hair in the summer with a conditioner or a special care spray. Also, make sure your hair is wet before you jump into the pool or the sea. That way your hair absorbs less salt and chlorine.


What hair product should definitely go with you on holiday?

There are more and more hair care products specially developed for the summer. They place a protective layer over your hair to protect it. These products contain UV filters. Some of them even respond to the warmth of the sun. It is often difficult to choose which one to buy.

Which hair product is essential when you go to the sun?

Serie Expert Solar Sublime Invisible Protection Spray. This spray has a UV filter and forms a protective film that nourishes the hair and maintains its luster.

Which styling method could we discontinue?

The more we go into the sun and sea, the more “shoulds” there are for us in terms of hair care. In the summer, it is better to not be too aggressive in our hair styling. On a lavish vacation, it may be tempting to let your hair go for the day, attacking it later with various powerful instruments on the eve of a swinging night on the town to make it as beautiful as possible. But if you love your hair, then hold to the maxim that “the less you require of it, the better.”

Which styling method do we really need to stop during the summer holidays?

The straightener and the waffle maker.

What is the biggest hair mistake in the summer?

Sometimes you think you treat your hair according to the book, and yet it doesn’t have the usual gloss or condition. Maybe you unconsciously made a huge mistake in taking care of your hair.

What is the biggest mistake you can make in the summer with your hair (and we mean a mistake that can cause a lot of damage to it)?

 Buy a cheap anti-dandruff shampoo, because then you can be sure that your color and shine stay on vacation after you get home.

summer-hairstylesBlonde in the sun. Highlights or hair dye?

Your hair should be in a natural state just before the holidays, so visit the hairdresser for light, natural highlights. The summer is the hottest time of the year and we all want to look our most charming. Outgrowth also needs to be addressed briefly for the holidays and also protection from sun exposure.

The difference is not so great because developments in the field of color have been vastly improved, but if I have to choose then it’s highlights.

What is the most clipped style of the moment?

A tight haircut right before boarding a train or plane or leaving in a car. For the summer there may indeed be something to cutting your hair off. You feel wonderfully light and free then. But how should we cut our hair?

What is the most common summer haircut right now for women?

 This summer we see a lot of super cool short hair styles for which you can choose a playful effect or excessive volume! And for the ladies with medium length hair or curl this is very hot. This kind of hair style is worn in a girlish manner.

Sultry hair tips for the evening?

If sun, sea and salt commit an attack on us, it is better to leave the style rod and the waffle maker at home. But what can we or should we do it?

 This summer the motto is “simple is sexy.” A 70 string terry gives different Indians a look at medium and long hair. And if you have more time at your disposal, then put a couple of sticky rollers in for a coarse-curling effect. You get a refined, sultry hair style!

Style icons of all time?

Today we’re only too happy to be inspired by style icons. This is especially true for the summer, when we like to feel beautiful and seductive like a movie star.

If we want to be inspired by someone who would it be? Brigitte Bardot back when or Lady Gaga by now? Or maybe someone else?

For the ladies who dare, I would say be inspired by Lady Gaga. If you look at the past, then think of a timeless movie star like Sophia Loren in her short haircut period. She had a very soft and elegant look which weathered very well during this time. And if you are totally hip, I’d say do not forget Rihanna!

But ultimately, the main message is: be your own style icon! You do not have to look exactly like a style icons. Allow yourself to be inspired by them, but mostly choose your own style!

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