Did you know that it’s best to dilute your shampoo before applying it to your hair with water? And did you know that hair styling products should be applied throughout the length of your hair? Knowing about these interesting tidbits that can ensure that your hair looks even better!

Did you know that … you can dilute shampoo? For best use, dilute with water

There are important facts you need to know about shampoos and their use. Do you suffer from oily hair or dandruff? Then choose a shampoo made specifically for dandruff. Don’t know which shampoo is most suitable for your hair? Seek advice from your hairdresser or a dermatologist. Do you have “normal” hair? Use a shampoo that’s as light and mild as possible.

Moreover, many hairdressers recommend that you dilute your usual dose of shampoo. Dilute your bottle of shampoo with a half glass of water, so you so you don’t wind up with heavy, limp hair. Dilution also helps you avoid shampooing with a product that acts too aggressively on your hair. Furthermore, it is very important that you rinse well after shampooing. These are all basic rules, but they make a big difference.

Did you know … that your hair styling products should be applied throughout the entire length of your hair?

Nowadays, there is increasing interest in hairstyling products. Good quality products not only help to style your hair, they take care of protect your hair, too. Styling products are the way to a haircut “preppen” (preparation), but you want to achieve good results, so it’s important that you apply the product over the entire length of your hair.

Think of hairstyling products like you do a foundation for your makeup. The foundation brings you an even, smooth look over your entire face. This same principle should you apply to your hairstyling product. Spread it evenly and at the same dose throughout your hair. It is a hairdresser’s trick that hardly anyone knows, but it really works!

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