HAIRSTYLING WITH a FLAT IRONA few seasons ago, the straightener was in fashion. The most modern versions have ceramic plates and some even have a system that ionizes the hair. The flat iron is now a well-known styling tool, but what is less known is the scope of its use. The flat iron―the term styling tongs probably describes it better―offers many more possibilities than just making your hair straight. You can create ringlets, or even a complete rasta hair style. The requirements? A flat iron and (of course) the right products for your hair.

The flat iron

If you decide to proceed with the purchase of a flat iron, do not scrimp on quality. Not only do you achieve better results with a good quality flat iron, but your hair will be healthier, too. Therefore, purchase professional tongs, if possible. Pay attention to the size. There are connectors for short, medium and long hair. Select the rod that matches your hair length.

Prepare your hair properly

Before you get started with the flat iron, it is important you take proper care of your hair. Wash it with a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type, use a conditioner and then towel dry. Leave it to air dry or finish it with a hair dryer until all the dampness has been removed from your hair. You should only start with the flat iron when the hair is completely dry.

Even then your hair is not quite ready to use the styling tongs. A crucial step that you should never miss is to protect your hair from the heat with a specially developed product that is available at the salon.

The use of styling products

No matter what you’re doing to your hair, make sure you use a top quality styling product. The choice of product will depend on the result you want to achieve. Styling products for straight hair can be applied to wet hair. The product will distribute better with brushing or combing. If you opt for curls, use the product on dry hair just before you use the flat iron.

Working with the flat iron

To make the hair straight you need to get every strand in the flat iron Do that with a slow motion and without putting pressure on the flat iron. Don’t squeeze with all the force of the rod. It is the heat and not the pressure that makes the hair straight. Do not be surprised if during this part of “steaming,” the hair products evaporate.

To make curls, hold the rod very loosely so that every section is included to achieve the desired shape. The principle is the same as making your hair straight. The only difference is that the hair takes the rod in a different way. Grab the hair near the roots between the rod, but turn the rod a half turn and pull it in this position slowly towards the roots. The hair will curl now. You can compare this technique with the method of a saleswoman curling a ribbon with a pair of scissors for a gift box.

You can add variation to your curls by holding the rod horizontally, but not vertically. Furthermore, if you just turn the pliers, you get more volume.

For dreadlocks, turn the first segment all the way around. Then fix them with the flat iron and a product that will help the hair stick together well. To undo the dreadlocks, you can easily do so with shampoo again.

Flexible and fast

The advantage of the flat iron is that you achieve results―perfectly straight curls, long dreadlocks―any style you’re in the mood for … in just a few minutes. You just need to use your imagination.

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