HEALTHY, SHINY AND TRENDY SUMMER HAIRWhy we need more time (and money) to invest in skin care than in the care of our hair is not clear. The fact is that you just need to give your hair just as much attention. Shiny and healthy hair doesn’t just happen. You gotta do something. Following our tips for healthy, shiny and trendy summer hair.

General Tips for healthy shiny and beautiful hair

Healthy hair comes from within

Beauty comes from within. This applies not only for your skin but also for your hair. No shampoo can treat your hair the way a healthy and balanced diet can. It doesn’t matter how expensive or sophisticated the shampoo is―diet matters the most.

  • Drink plenty of water: about 1 ½ gallons per day. Your hair likes moisture as much as your skin does. If you don’t drink enough water, then your body and your hair suffer.
  • Proteins: These are the building blocks of your hair. For shiny, healthy hair it is important that you get enough protein (meat, milk, cheese, fish).
  • Minerals: three minerals that are particularly important for your hair:
    – Iron: for the supply of oxygen (red meat and green vegetables)
    – Zinc: may stop or restrict hair loss (meat and fish).
    – Buyer: affects the pigment in your hair and revives the color (nuts, seeds, meat, seafood, fresh vegetables).
  • Vitamins:
    – Vitamin A for a healthy scalp (carrots)
    – Vitamin B and C for proper blood circulation, good hair growth and protection against split ends. (fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, eggs, milk).

A good blood circulation

You certainly know that having good blood circulation is important. Good blood circulation ensures a good supply of nutrients and oxygen to your skin, your hair and your body, and also the removal of harmful substances. Your hair also benefits from good blood circulation―it is shiny and healthy. Remember that the next time you toil on the treadmill!



Handle tangles, especially when it’s wet, and is therefore more vulnerable. Keep your patience and comb the tangles with a wooden comb with coarse teeth. Regularly use a repair mask (twice a week). Protect your hair from harmful external influences―wind, smog, sea salt, sun, heat from the blow dryer―with a protective product.

Split ends

The longer your hair, the more likely you have split ends. Once the points are split, there is nothing to do, and the only cure is to cut them off. To treat your split hair quickly, use regular silicone serum. Apply the serum after washing and towel-drying hair. For points that remain dry even after treatment, apply the serum to dry hair―preferably every day or so.

Oily hair

You can compare oily hair with oily skin. The sebum is out of balance. When you use your aggressive products to wash your hair and scalp then you only stimulate the production of sebum and thus you accomplish nothing. It is therefore important that you have a mild shampoo specifically for use on oily hair. Do not wash your hair too much. Do use a leave-in conditioner after washing, but make sure that you do not apply the product too close to the roots. It is important that the scalp stay clean. Do not use two-in-one products (shampoo and conditioner), and watch what you eat. Especially limit fat intake.


Rose is also a sign that the scalp is out of balance, and it is better to address the cause. Use a mild shampoo on the scalp―usually dry hair formulas normalize. Avoid using harsh products. The best products can generally be found at the hairdresser.


Your body absorbs the electrostatic charge in the air, and the scalp transfers the charge to the hair. You can counter static hair by using balm after washing. Your hair is heavier and less able to sense the electrostatic charge.

Fluffy hair

Curly hair has a tendency to frizz. To counteract lint it is obviously of prime importance that your hair is healthy (a healthy diet remains a prerequisite for beautiful hair). Use a good quality shampoo for curly hair frizz and then a special product. It may sound trite, but the importance of buying quality hair products is still too often underestimated.

Dry and damaged hai

Oftentimes color, perms, blow drying and exposure to harmful external influences can dry out and damage hair. Therefore protect is the password. Never use a hot dryer on untreated hair; first apply a protective product. Try to minimize color and perms. It is true that color brings back healthy looking hair, but it is not the solution. You come into a vicious circle. You’ll find yourself coloring again and again, asking your stylist for a nurturing (gloss) treatment; it’s good for your hair and it looks instantly better. Take care of your hair well with nourishing shampoos and masks.

Hair washing

It is said that it is not good to wash your hair too frequently. Stylists are now changing their minds about this. Smog, sweat and dust coat the hair so that it does not get enough air. Therefore, it is important to maintain the hair and keep the scalp clean Always use mild, high quality hair products.

Summer Trends

Go for a good cut
Do not underestimate the importance of a good cut You can style all you want, but if your hair is not trimmed properly, your foundation isn’t set. A good cut also saves you a lot of time because after washing, it’s a snap to get back into shape.

Wash and go
This summer, we still see a lot of long hair, even though short hair and shoulder length hair are gaining ground. Super straight hair is still in (the best straightening results are achieved with professional styling tongs). But gently curly and wavy hair is the newest (and hottest!) trend. If you’re curling or waving your hair naturally, then you can use the “wash and go” method. Wash your hair, let it air dry and comb it out with your fingers. It’s purely natural! If you have straight hair, then you will be with rollers or a curling iron. And of course, in the sea, choose the easiest method: braid your hair, enjoy the beach and take the braids out when they’re dry.

A summer tan
Blonde is and remains the summer color par excellence. Blond exists in many shades: golden brown, honey blonde, platinum blonde, ash blonde. The latest trend is mixing. Mix hot and cold shades for a trendy summer look!

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