Healthy Diet without Starving

healthy dietSince a few days, you’re totally in your diet. You eat healthy and regularly, but not too much. And you actually see the needle on the scale though gently, what motivates you even more. And then … You get the invitation with a bunch of friends to dine. Such an invitation is likely ‘to sprinkle spanner in the works. ” Sense that your first reaction is ‘no’. And yet that is not necessary. A dinner party or lunch outside the door is not necessarily an attack on your diet to be. Here are some tips that make you slim.

Do not expose yourself to the comments of others

In general, it may be poorly tolerated but to go for a nice dinner with someone who is dieting. And let’s be honest, it spoils the appetite or if you have someone for you who listlessly in her salad plate pricking and sip from her glass of water. With this attitude, you simply ask for it that the others urging you to eat more. Therefore, Tell if possible, the others (except “your ally ‘, see below) just is not that you’re on a diet and apply the following tricks to ordering.

What to drink during a healthy diet?

Order your usual drink – be it wine or beer or a cocktail – but make sure you keep it in a glass. Nip occasionally to the glass but also order a carafe of water. So it seems that you cozy meedrinkt with the company but in the meantime you keep an eye on you too much alcohol (a notorious fattening) and enough water (and benefactor) ingest. In oriental restaurant Moreover, there is a good alternative to water, beer or wine, and that’s tea. Well so cozy and yet healthy and low-calorie. Order also prefer not to sugary drinks. Do you fancy a ‘filling’ drink rather than choose carbonated table water. Another good ‘filler’ is tomato juice.

Stay away from the bread basket for an healthy diet

Order no bread. It’s fattening, but that gives little satisfaction. You can ‘calories’ better save for starter and main course. Is there anyway of bread on the table, stay away from the bread basket.Make someone a piece of bread waiting for you, eat it on the form, but feel free to refuse a ‘me wait … “. The second piece

The starters for healthy diet

Choose your companion for a starter, then there is no choice but to join. Fortunately, many restaurants nowadays salad as an appetizer on the menu. It is an ideal starter. However, avoid salads with cheese and fatty dressings. Speaking the salads you do not, go for a starter based on lean meat (carpaccio) or fish (a small piece of oily fish such as herring or eel can not hurt), but only here again for the dressings. There is nothing ‘airy’, then look at the side dishes. A mixed salad or a serving of cooked vegetables can help.

The main course for healthy diet

Select a simple dish – based on fish or meat (again, no cheese!) – Preferably without too much sauce. Boiled or poached is always better than fried or fried in butter. Fish or meat on the grill fits perfectly in a low-calorie diet. Comes the main course with a side dish, then you should opt for cooked vegetables (no potatoes!) Or a salad. Avoid fries and rice. They served anyway, do not touch them (once you start, you are lost).

The dessert for healthy diet

The best choice is, of course, fresh fruit (without added sugar and sauces). If you still want to participate in the sweets of others than sorbet go. As a rule, this is considerably less fat than ‘normal’ ice cream. Avoid trimmings like whipped cream and let cookies for what they are.

Do not feel compelled to completely empty your plate to eat

We get it spoon-fed to us neatly empty plate to eat. But why should the cook of the restaurant may decide how much you eat? Eat as much as you want and do not make a point to do something to pass up. Does it bother you, put your fork and knife neatly over so there is not much to see. And give the waiter especially no explanation why you left something. Pretend it’s obvious.

Create an ally at the table

Better still, of course, as you can find. An “ally” in the table Someone who is only too happy with what you do not handle it (or do not want to eat). Especially men love to be there to poke. For Ally at the table has three major advantages. You do not sin, to find that you have left something, you will not be tempted to still but a little further to eat and when the waiter afruimt is also clean your plate empty.

A piece of chocolate as a sweet conclusion

Do you after the meal still an irresistible, sweet cravings, go for a small piece of dark chocolate. Many restaurants can be served with the coffee. It is a fitting conclusion to a wonderful but all in all low-calorie dinner.

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