how to choose the right shampoo

Chosing the right shampoo

You should add up how many hours per year you spend washing your hair. And think about how many products are available to help you do it. And yet we are not always happy with the result. Our hair is limp, unwilling, or does not shine. Sometimes the problem lies in the hair itself, or sometimes it’s the scalp. Therefore, it is good to take a moment to reflect on the basic product that you use every day: your shampoo.

How do you choose your shampoo?

Have you ever thought about how you choose your shampoo? Do you look at the price, the brand, the composition, the fragrance, or the packaging? These are all factors that determine your choice. But the basis for your choice of shampoo should really be your hair type. Your stylist can help you figure out your exact hair type. Moreover, the composition of the shampoo is very important. But since we often do not really know how to select shampoo, often the brand name decides what we purchase.  In general, the shampoos you buy at good salons, are qualitatively better than supermarket products.

What if you have to get the wrong product?

The importance of a good quality shampoo is perhaps greater than you think. If you get the wrong product, then it may well backfire. Your hair is more dull rather thanshinier. Or drier. This is especially the case with harsh shampoos. You should therefore think of more than just conditioners and hair masks. The first step to beautiful and healthy hair is an especially good, suitable shampoo for your hair.

What about your scalp?

Not only does your hair need care, even your scalp needs proper attention. Make the necessary time to take proper care of it. Massage the skin during your shampoo, using the tips of your fingers. Make circular movements to stimulate circulation, but don’t use your nails for washing your scalp! Think of it this way: you wash the skin on your face differently than the rest of your body; your scalp needs similar customized treatment.

A dry scalp is flaky and makes wearing dark clothing rather unpleasant. You can’t always wear light clothing; you need to look for a problem-oriented solution in an effective anti-dandruff shampoo, sometimes in combination with a lotion that normalizes the secretion of sebum from the scalp. Allow yourself to make an intelligent choice with the help of your pharmacist or doctor.

How many times a week should you wash your hair?

There are always a lot of discussions about how many times a week you should wash your hair. Often twice a week is recommended. But sometimes it is necessary to wash your hair every day (if you do a lot of sports or swimming, for example). Be sure that in those cases that you choose a very delicate shampoo.

And what about your balm/conditioner?

Shampoo and balsam go hand in hand. Not only does a balm make your hair more beautiful to see, but this product also has a nourishing effect. For the selection of a balm, therefore, the same rule applies as for shampoo. Choose a good quality product that matches your hair type and your lifestyle, and use it consistently after every wash to take care of your hair and protect it. A “two in one” product (a combination of shampoo and conditioner) may be fast and convenient, but in the end it might be better to still choose two separate products, because each one has its own effect on your hair.

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