how to grow your hair fast

Tips to Grow Your Hair Faster

How can you make your hair grow faster? How many times have you wondered this? And how often have we been asked this question? There are no miracle cures that accelerate the growth process and lead you in a jiffy to luscious locks à la Gisele Bündchen. Aside from hair extensions, that is. But that’s probably not the answer to your question.  🙂

However, there are some things you can do to create the optimum growth conditions for your hair. You can set up circumstances in which your hair will thrive better.

A balanced diet with adequate protein to Grow Your Hair Faster

balanced diet is the key to a lush head of hair. In particular, proteins are important. This means foods such as lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts and beans. Proteins are the suppliers of the “building blocks” for your hair. A scientific study has also shown that capsaicin, the burning substance found in peppers and especially chilies, and isoflavones, substances found in all plants, but especially in soy, beans, peas and peanuts may have a beneficial effect on the growth of the hair.

Supplement with vitamins to Grow Your Hair Faster

If you done consume enough important nutrients in the food you eat, you can supplement your diet with vitamins and minerals. For hair growth you need different nutrients, in particular: iron, zinc, vitamin D and vitamin B complex (a combination of the various B vitamins, including folic acid). Ask your doctor what’s right for you.

Good hair care to Grow Your Hair Faster

So far we have talked about things you can do to promote the growth process. It’s also important to take good care of your hair from the inside.  Whenever possible, avoid chemical treatments and use good quality shampoos and conditioners to wash and care for your hair. Always protect your hair adequately from the sun―wearing a hat is a must. In general, avoid hot hairdryers, don’t mistreat your hair with hot styling tongs and get regular trims.

Do not expect to grow hair quickly by skipping trims and leaving the ends alone. This myth is now obsolete. However, it makes sense that by keeping your hair trimmed regularly, that will prevent the ends from splitting. The split portion has a tendency to “creep” upward and eventually breaks off the hair. Your hair will be shorter and but still not be healthy. You can handle this better with timely cutting. The truth is that well-cut hair looks much healthier (and richer) than (longer) hair with split ends.

A healthy scalp to Grow Your Hair Faster

Your scalp is the growing environment of your hair, and it will not surprise you that you should nurture that environment. Keep your scalp clean and stimulate circulation regularly with a head massage. Nowadays there are also products that are specifically targeted for the care of the scalp.  There are exfoliants that cleanse the scalp and improve skin condition. Do you suffer from dandruff or a variant thereof? If so, check with the doctor/dermatologist to learn the most appropriate means to normalize the balance of the scalp. A healthy scalp is the best “breeding environment” for beautiful hair.

Wonder remedies?

There are also a number of remedies that would stimulate hair growth. Minoxidil lotion (a medication, read the side) is used for baldness. It reduces hair loss and may, after four months’ use, promote hair growth. Do you suffer from hair loss? Then you should discuss with your doctor what can be done to reduce or stop it.

Finally, there is a product that is not scientifically proven, but we know of several supermodels who swear by it: Viviscal. It is called the Crème de la Mer of hair growth products. It includes a marine protein complex consisting of fish and shellfish extract (it is not suitable for people who are allergic to shellfish) and important nutrients like biotin and zinc.

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