Healthy hair tips for shiny and beautiful hair


Healthy-hair-tips-1If you ask us healthy hair tips for shiny and beautiful hair, the hair trend of the moment s healthy hair. Hair that has that nice, shiny, strong and full look. It radiates vitality. More than ever, backstage at the shows and in the salons, focus is on taking care of hair properly. It’s time for us to delve more deeply into hair care.

What does healthy hair look like?

Actually, everyone recognizes healthy hair. It shines, looks strong and well fed. It feels soft and you can easily slip through your fingers. Healthy hair is just beautiful. It makes you sexy and gives you confidence.

How do you keep your hair in shape?

Some hair is more beautiful than others, but we all we have to be careful with our hair and take good care of it.

    • The basis of good care is knowing how to take good care of it. After washing your hair with shampoo, you should always give your hair a little extra. Shampoo is and remains a product that cleans your hair and thus “removes” from it―things like oil, product, and dirt. After washing, it is very important to a use a conditioner on it. There’s a reason these products are called “conditioners.” They keep the condition of your hair up to standard.
    • Furthermore, it is important for you to protect your hair against from the sun Do not underestimate the harmful effects of UV radiation on your hair, especially in summer. Stylists recommend that you always use a hair product containing a UV filter to protect your hair. Better yet, wear a hat or cap.
    • Another important aspect is that we must respect our hair. We women are not always good at that. To style hair the way we want, we often use hot air (hairdryers) or hot plates (stylers) or tongs (curling irons). This heat is a not good for our hair. It is always advisable to protect hair in advance with a special hair product and use the lowest possible temperature. Stylers, for example, often have the ability to control the temperature. Try turning down on yours! You’ll see that it does make a difference.
    • Another aspect is of course the chemical treatments like perms, highlights and hair colors that women use. These treatments are best to have the hairdresser do. A good stylist will try to use the mildest possible method. Sometimes it is inevitable that aggressive products are used, such as hydrogen peroxide, but the percentage is often lower than is actually applied. Select your stylist carefully and learn about the treatment method that will be used on your hair.
    • Furthermore, it is very important to know your limits. Your hairdresser also plays a major role in your hair care. So you can, for example, put highlights in your hair yourself, but if you if you wind up with damage or breakage, you may have done irreparable harm that even a hair professional can’t repair. Your stylist will be happy to advise you in order to prevent ending up like this. Stylists are hair professionals―allow them to assist you in this capacity.
    • Finally, keep in mind that when you get chemical treatments like color or perms, they affect the structure of your hair, and will need extra pampering afterward.  Salon treatments are always stronger and more effective. This is because the stylist knows better what your hair needs and also because the applications are specifically targeted to the areas that need to be treated. We work with heat, and treatments are designed so that the nourishing substances work better and penetrate deeper into your hair.

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