10 Quick Tips: How to Get a Flat Stomach

How to Get a Flat Stomach

10 Quick Tips How to Get a Flat Stomach

It is Spring once again and you automatically think of your physical form, especially the size of your abdomen. A T-shirt or tank top shows more than we would like if we have a big stomach from overindulging during the holidays. Hiding a belly is not as easy as we were accustomed to in recent months. Conversely, a flat stomach is something to be proud of. It is an accessory that enriches appearance and image. Pay attention to the tips below to help reduce your stomach.





With these ten practical tips you would be in the foreseeable future, the happy owner of a flat stomach (and be the star of the beach!):

  • From now on, eat fruits and vegetables that will not cause excess gas in the stomach. Avoid carbonated beverages and gas-producing produce such as beans
  • If you are allergic to dairy or gluten, avoid these foods at all costs and ask for substitutes when you are out. Consuming something you are allergic to will undoubtedly cause you to have a distended stomach
  • Eat 5 to 6 small meals and snacks a day instead of three large and overwhelming meals per day
  • Eat slowly. Your brain needs time to send the signal to you that the body has had enough food. If you overindulge time and time again because of eating too quickly you will never get that prized flat stomach you have always wanted
  • There are natural products that reduce stomach bloating. Inquire for it at the pharmacy.
  • There are also foods such as peppermint tea, yogurt and pineapple which have the property to prevent bloating. Just give it a try and see if there is a noticeable difference
  • Do not eat during the last two hours before you go to bed. While you sleep your metabolism slows down. If you eat right before bedtime your body begins storing more fat than ever
  • Aim for a regular bowel movement. Drink lots of water, go for fiber-rich vegetables and integrate into your diet, if necessary, special fiber products from the drugstore or pharmacy.
  • Move! Have you ever ‘twisted’? The twist is an exercise that is easy to implement. Grab a broom, place it over your shoulders and place your arms over the top, then sit on the edge of your bed. Keep your eyes fixed on a targeted point at eye level and twist your torso with controlled, precise movements from left to right. Do this for at least 5 minutes. It’s the best exercise to make the abdominal muscles. You are working the obliques, the side abdominal muscle that is responsible for creating that coveted “hourglass figure”.
  • Finally, do NOT use laxatives or diuretics to get a flatter stomach. Also do not follow extreme diets to achieve a flat stomach. This is all completely unnecessary and these products can harm your health if misused. This cannot be stressed enough. There are other ways to get a flat stomach, and they work.

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