How to Stay Motivated to Effectively Lose Weight

Effectively Lose Weight

10 Tips and Tricks to Achieve Your Lose Weight Goals

If you want to lose weight, you have to be motivated, otherwise you will not achieve any results because you have no reason to continue.  Sometimes it is just not easy to stay motivated but we have 10 tips to help you. Apply these tips at times when you are tempted to succumb.

  1. Put a on bikini and look at yourself in the mirror. Would you feel comfortable wearing this bikini to the beach? At subsequent meals try to leave a few bites. In a week, do this again.
  2. Ask yourself while eating a pastry whether it is actually worth it? Is this calorie bomb really so heavenly? Often the answer is no, which can help you resist the temptation.
  3. If you are craving something sweet, go for fruit or a mini portion of a decadent dessert instead of the entire slice. Even just a bite can curb the craving.
  4. Buy a smaller plate for yourself. Studies show that using smaller plates lead to eating smaller portions but still leave you satisfied.
  5. Buy more fruits and vegetables and less chips, cookies and brownies. The more healthy foods in your home, the more likely you are to eat them instead of junk food.
  6. Remember that you will be more beautiful when you eat healthily. Your hair, skin and nails will be healthier, shinier and more supple.
  7. Promise yourself a small gift when you lose a predetermined amount of weight. At a 5 pound loss, treat yourself to a manicure or at 20 pounds lost treat yourself to a massage.
  8. Hang a tight dress that does not fit you well in plain sight. Visual motivators are very helpful.
  9. Wear your smaller size pants and notice how uncomfortable they are if you’ve gained weight. Confront the rolls of fat that were not there last year.
  10. Keep a note pad to write down negative or positive things people have said about you regarding your weight. This technique only works if you are open to constructive criticism and do not get offended easily; otherwise only write down the positive remarks.

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