How to get prepared for summer

are you ready for summer


If you want to get prapared for summer please read carefully and follow up the guidelines. Can you go straight to the beach, or would you have some trepidation, if the summer were to begin right now? If not, stop thinking that you would like to look your best in a bikini, but DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! There will never be a “perfect” time to start dieting and exercising for weight loss, so you might as well do it now.

We do not want to rush you needlessly, but know that weight loss and getting a tone body takes time and discipline. You will probably fall off the ladder a few times. You need time to be able to tackle all of these hurdles and to achieve your goal of looking amazing by the time summer is here. You can feel it in the way the days are getting longer and the sun is getting fiercer. Yes, it’s time to start!

So now here we are. It is spring with summer right around the corner, with tiny clothing and tinier bikinis. We have made a type of test for you to ask yourself the following questions. Answer as honestly as possible because hey, you are only fooling yourself, and that’s not going to get the weight off.

The Clothing Test to see whether you are ready for summer or not!

Get your summer clothes out, including swimsuits, from last year. To carry out this test as accurate as possible, put on all of these garments and stand in the mirror. What do you think? Are your pants a bit tighter than last year, can you even zip them up now? How about the bathing suit? Are your legs looking a bit jiggly, do you have a roll on top of the bikini bottoms that wasn’t there last year?

The Photo Test to see whether you are ready for summer or not!

Now get a picture of yourself from last summer. Look at them carefully and determine any differences. Is your face slightly rounder this year, or do you have a bit more arm flab than you remember? If you can determine any of these factors without a doubt, it’s time to begin your diet.

The Mirror Test

Now look in the mirror but be objective about it. Do not notice the tiny things you have always considered flaws because more often than not, other people do not even notice or like the way they look. But do you like what you see, do you find yourself beautiful? These are the true questions that need to be answered.

The Shopping Test

In boutiques and clothing stores the new collections have arrived. Spend an afternoon shopping – even without buying anything – for the coming summer to get an idea of the things that appeal to you and try them all on. Do you think they look good on you? Can you see yourself strolling along the promenade of a posh resort, or do you feel that there may still be a few pounds you should lose?

The Girlfriend Test

Ask a good friend if she will tell you honestly what she thinks of how your look (make sure you use a really good friend because there may be some women that enjoy it if they see you are missing self confidence). Do not be scared of what she has to say, rather, embrace it and tackle it head on if it is not news you wanted to hear. Also, do not be upset or angry with her because deep down you already knew it about yourself, but hearing it from your friends is hurtful, however may be the right motivation to get you working hard to be your best.

This is everything. Five little tests that can help you determine if you need to conform to a diet and exercise regime to lose weight in time for summer. If the results have yielded different results than you were expecting, it is definitely time.

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