How to get rid of body fat especially belly fat


Healthy tips to  get rid of body fat especially belly fat. Pleasant way to burn excess fat.

How to get rid of body fat especially belly fatSpring helps us from a psychological point of view to get in shape again. Simply walk outside and you will see people jogging, or if you go to the gym you will see a lot of people trying to lose weight and get their old body back for the spring and pending summer.

At the table we tend to pay more attention to what we eat, as well. When we see an advertisement for a diet product, our motivation returns tenfold. We get off the couch and do 30 minutes of exercise and are proud of ourselves for the effort. The beautiful weather certainly has a good effect on our moods and motivation!

However, maintaining a good exercise schedule is easier said than done. We all have obligations like work and family that tend to get in the way of our weight loss efforts.

Most of the time the solution is, fortunately, more obvious than you might think. By simply adding in some simple modifications you will see results.

Here are our tips for you: How to get rid of Belly Fat in the gym and at the table):

Get rid of  belly fat in the gym

If you want to burn fat, cardio fitness will be a permanent part of your training. Refer to the trainer on the various possibilities and discuss with him the optimum exercises for your body type and metabolism. There is no more effective way to burn fat than cardio but you need to perform it the right way.

-Give preference to lighter weights
Use lighter weights but perform more repetitions to increase fat burn along with building some lean muscle mass. You will not bulk up! You will actually lose weight.

-Train your abs regularly
Please ensure that you perform the exercises correctly to protect your back. The break between the sets is also important. And remember that abdominals are a main muscle group and require a rest day in between intense exercises.

 -Do not overdo sports

Work holidays and breaks in otherwise your body does not have the time to fully recover. Moreover, your enthusiasm, can sometimes fade away very quickly if you put on yourself on a tight schedule. It is better to exercise consistently throughout the week at lower intervals than once a week and injuring yourself.

-Keep the motivation up
Train with a friend; that will keep your spirit up! If you are bored when on the treadmill or elliptical with nobody to talk to, simply imagine yourself in that swimsuit you want to rock in the summer. This usually gives exactly the right amount of motivation.

Get rid of  belly fat at the table

-Go for smaller portions
Often enough, the problem is not so much what we eat, but how much we eat. Use a smaller plate and make sure at least half of it is covered with vegetables.

-Beware of fats and sweets
It is important to not eat many simple carbohydrates like candies and pastries, and it is also wise to avoid very fatty foods. Although our bodies need fat to survive, in today’s age we all tend to get too much in our diet.

-Start the meal with vegetables
Begin each meal with a serving of raw or cooked vegetables. Have a small salad or broth-based soup before the entrée so you will not eat so much of the larger part of the meal.

-Do not shop when hungry
A funny tip but it works: do your shopping with a full stomach. It may sound absurd, but it’s proven that you can much more easily avoid the temptations of unhealthy, fattening foods when you are not hungry and craving.

-Utilize five small meals instead of three large meals

By eating five small meals a day you are keeping your sugar levels balanced instead of overloading your system three times. Smaller meals help your metabolism stay constant and keep blood sugar levels from spiking and crashing, which wreaks havoc on your weight loss efforts.

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