How to jump start your metabolism

how to jumpstart your metabolism



Detoxification, or detox for short, is when you cleanse and purge your body of built up pollutants and toxins. Detox should be very well researched before attempting, as you can damage your body if not done correctly. The most common form of detox is a liquid diet over the course of one or two days.

Green tea

If you absolutely have to have your caffeine in the morning, try to switch to green tea for detox, without sugar or additives. Green tea has antioxidants which are proven to destroy free radical cells in your body, which are known to cause cancer. In addition, green tea helps raise your metabolism along with a plethora of other health benefits.


Garlic is a powerful food. It is an aphrodisiac, an anti-inflammatory and an analgesic, which means it kills bacteria. When added to your diet you will notice much difference after only a few short days. If you are worried about bad breath or smelling of garlic, take your garlic in capsule form which is readily available at most stores.

Go for fiber-rich foods

Fiber helps physically clear the intestines of debris and toxins and helps you feel fuller longer. Opt for fresh fruits and vegetables over canned, and whole grains over processed refined products. Oftentimes fiber rich foods also have less sugar and fat also: a double benefit!



Sleep and relaxation can truly mean the difference between losing the last stubborn 15 pounds or gaining 10 more. By sleeping enough, generally 7-9 hours, your body has time to recover from the previous day’s stressors and to heal. This is so important, especially when you are also exercising during the day.

Meditation and yoga also have a very important place in your life. Meditation and reflection has been proven to actually modify your genetic code!! This is a huge breakthrough in science and is a new finding. People who meditate and do yoga or pilates tend to weigh less and live much longer, the ultimate goal.


Surveys show that people who smile more tend to be healthier. So laugh it up!

Small Bites

By eating less at a time, but more often, you trick your body into knowing it will constantly have enough food, actually raising your metabolism. By waiting too long in between meals, your body goes into starvation mode and stores excess fat in case of famine; this is from prehistoric times and survival.

The Sweet Things in Life

Enjoy everything in moderation, including moderation. Indulge once in a while; it will actually help you stay on your diet and give you something to look forward to. We recommend one “cheat” day a week to have whatever you want.

If you don’t want to go that extreme, go ahead and have a glass of wine with dinner, or a square of dark chocolate. These two items are clinically proven to fight free radicals (cancer causing cells) in your body.


This is another obvious tip. Drink water to flush the toxins and to stay hydrated. Without enough water you will feel sluggish and not feel like exercising.

Have fun!

Going out with friends, playing games and laughing are all important parts of a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that you can burn 60 calories an hour from just laughing? Plus it has an added benefit of being a stress reliever. So have fun, be silly!

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