How to loose weight while ignoring scales

How to loose weight while ignoring scales

 Scales and the negative thoughts they can create in your mind during the “Loose Weight” Period

How to loose weight? is the most engaging question of modern era and unfortunately, most of us determine our success with the numbers on the scale, yet this is an inaccurate assessment of our overall health. A perfectly proportioned woman weighing 125 pounds can be extremely sick, whereas a woman weighing 200 pounds can be extremely healthy. Measurements are a more accurate assessment,however, the scale is instant gratification for our good deeds throughout the week, so it is hard not to rely on it. But looking at the scale too frequently can cause our moods and stress levels to fluctuate, causing stress and anxiety and in the long run, even more weight gain.

I am Definitely Starting my Diet on Monday!  Oh, it is Monday Today?  Next Monday!

You know exactly how I feel, don’t you? We all fall into this trap of “starting next week”. Get out of that thinking! No time will ever be the right time to start so you are going to have to simply do it. No way around it. If you want different results, change what you are doing, otherwise you will never see a difference.

I know this is easier said than done, but you have to look deep within yourself and decide that YOU ARE WORTH IT!

I’ve Over-Eaten Today… I May as Well Give up the Loose Weight Process Until Tomorrow

It is easy to give up once you have made a mistake, even if it is a tiny mistake. Slight fall-backs are to be expected when anybody is dieting. The only difference between somebody who succeeds and somebody who does not succeed is their attitude and how they make themselves feel when they experience a set back. By using a set back as a learning experience instead of viewing your entire day as a failure, you can learn from the mistake and move on. Start over after this meal, or tomorrow: it is entirely up to you, but the way you look at it and react to it will set the tone.


I Will Never Lose this Weight

This type of negative thinking will set you up for failure before you’ve even started. Feeling positive even about setbacks and previous attempts at weight loss is much easier said than done, we know! But this is essential if you are to lose the weight and keep it off.

By simply taking a diet and exercise program day by day and breaking down your goals into tiny steps, you set yourself up for success. Count each day as a positive experience! Even if you have a set back, you can think about it and realize what not to do next time.

Do not be So Hard on Yourself during the loose weight period

This is a psychological pitfall that most of us fall into. By thinking we will never do it, by thinking we are complete failures, by thinking we are lazy, we will become those thoughts. Only through positive thinking will come positive results. Expecting amazing results too quickly and then beating yourself up when you don’t reach these goals is outrageous. Nobody gets a beach body overnight. It takes patience and a lot of hard work, along with time.

What Should You Do in order to loose weight fast?

Set realistic goals. Start with your long term goals, then break each of them up into smaller portions, and make a plan on how you will achieve these goals. Reward yourself when you reach these milestones with non-food things, such as a trip to the spa or a new pair of shoes. Maybe a trip to a museum or just reading a book without feeling guilty is enough motivation to keep going. Whatever works, use it!

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