How to end a relationship nicely

Ending a relationship in a good way nicely

Is it time to say goodbye? Say it nicely

We are not aware of how much it affects us if we can not say goodbye to our ex relationships.

Think of the people who are not in your life anymore but  have a meaning  to you. Maybe a good friend moved far away from you and your connection got lost. Or someone died without  giving you a last chance talk to him? Or your girlfriend left you suddenly?

Let everything about your ex go

There may be many reasons why he\she is no longer part of your life – and yet, in one way, he\she is not completely out of your life. Because you  inevitably have some feelings and thoughts related to your relationship, even though it is over. In other words, it is not easy to completely let your ex go.

Beginnings and endings are the things we remember most in our lives. Just because they are so crystal clear to us, their last impressions have a big influence on our remaining lives.

Relationships that have not been ended nicely, will affect rest of our lives in a bad way. There are lots of people who have relationships from the past that they could not completely finished.  They are not aware of its effects on their daily lives. So they have to work on what they couldn’t totally ended in their minds and  let the ex feelings go. Only if you can let go these feelings, you can go on your life without being hampered by the past.

The endings are important because we really understand how much the other means to us when he or she is heading out of our lives.

There may be many reasons why we can not end a relationship in a nice manner.

Your self-understanding becomes predominant through your relationships. If you have experienced an unpleasant break with your boyfriend, you may take it  on yourself that you are not easy to live with. Therefore, an inappropriate end of a relationship may mean that it also fills into other relationships and may turn out as bad results.

Perhaps you do not dare to commit yourself to another person if you feel that you lose a part of yourself every time you say goodbye to someone. Then it’s hard to go out and look for a new partner.

Failure seeks failure

We humans seek for the harmony, so it is a basic need for us to complete the unfinished issues. Therefore, a person who has been experiencing fails like being abandoned by father, most possibly will result in seeking for fails in every stage of life.

Many people walk around and are afraid to meet someone on the street, which they have not experienced a nice good bye. You would not know what to say and what to do at the time and wouldn’t dare to show your real feelings. Over time, you may realize that you could have acted differently.

It will never be too late to return and express your feelings. Don’t hesitate to say what you really feel. Perhaps it’s a misunderstanding that can be corrected and the relationship can be restored to its good days.

However, it is not easy to contact the other. If the other is dead or do not want to meet you, there are other ways you can work on. One way is to write a  letter to the person.

Just write a letter to express all your inner feelings and thoughts in as rough terms as you like but send this letter. You must write the letter to process your own part of saying goodbye. The letter can help you realize what you lack in the relationship.

It’s important that you write two letters; the first one is for your own and dont limit your words in this type of letter. Get rid of everything you keep in your heart without thinking about how it would be received. But with the second type of letter which you will really send,you have to be respectful and careful with your words.

Write … and read

It’s a good idea to read the first letter  for your own use aloud infront of another person you can trust, your dog or perhaps a very beautiful oak tree in the forest. Also, read it to your therapist if you work with the relationship in therapy.

Just reading the letter aloud for someone else, enhances the effect. Some people feel nothing while writing, but when they read their letters aloud to others, feelings come out. It also promotes the healing process.

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